Get inspired from 70 Lavish Bathroom Design Ideas

Designed by the best Architects and Designers across India, these Lavish and Modern Bathroom Designs will make you rethink the concept of Designing and Experiencing Washrooms altogether.  These amazing designs of different household sizes from modern to contemporary have different material applications, fixtures of latest brands, use of different lights and exquisite mirrors on the walls.[Read More]

5 Considerable Things to Replace the Toilet

Can you imagine how human beings would be without finding an ingenious way to empty their bowels? For human beings to survive, we eat every day of our lives. If the food we eat would accumulate in our bodies, even if it were for a few hours without excreting it, our lives would be a[Read More]

The Beauty of LED Toilet Lights to Your Bathroom

The Beauty of LED Toilet Lights to Your Bathroom Every house needs adequate lighting. Living rooms have their distinct demands, bedrooms warrant a different kind of lighting fixtures, kitchens and dining areas must have utilitarian lighting that also looks beautiful, studies and home offices would also need an array of lights, from study or task[Read More]