• How Does a Plumber Unclog a Toilet?

    Unclogging a toilet is a very frustrating job, thank god for the plumbers making the process done timely and perfectly. The process needs technique and proper knowledge, or it may turn in to be an ultimate mess. Let us have a look into the procedure by which they perform the unclogging, 

    • Examine the problem: 

    The first few minutes for professional plumbers go on testing the clog and determining the actual root of the clog. So before beginning the process, they first check the issue. 

    First, the plumbers raise the flapper valve a bit after removing the upper lid, and then they gradually let in some water into the bowl to make the test. 

    Appropriate Plunger: 

    Plungers can be a number of types. Plumbers get to decide to use which. The most popularly used is the funnel cup one. 

    This comes with an extended flange; the extension starts right off from below the buttercup. This is something which helps them to get deep down the drainage system of the toilet. 

    • Overflowing toilet bowl: 

    Many a time the Westminster plumber face the pouring out of the water from the bowl. So after the basic set up and before pulling the trigger, they remove the top part so that they become ready to cease the deluge by working their fingers between the flapper and flush as soon as the water might seem to increase in level.

    • Hard Chemicals: 

    Plumbers avoid using any hard chemicals in their process. Although it is believed that utilizing strong chemicals helps in the process, the fact lies that making use of such chemicals can very well slow down the process. 

    Also, at times, these chemicals tend to hit back with more corrosion and health damage. 

    • Preparing Plunger: 

    Plungers need to be worked through before use since stiff and hard plungers as well as soft and flexible are useless for plumbers. 

    Thus to make their plungers ready for use they dip their plungers into hot water so that the rubbers become appropriate which in turn help them to establish a good seal for the bowl.

    • Plunge-in well: 

    The plunging process needs to be down slowly; operating anything by force will ruin the bathroom with water. 

    After the primary gentle plunge, forcing the air out they dig into plunging in and out strenuously, keeping the seal intact, for 15 to 20 times until most of the clogs are not unclogged. If needed, they opt for alternative heavy and light strokes.

    • Using Toilet Auger: 

    In case the matter is more serious plungers do not work anymore and at this point of time plumbers come up with a much stronger instrument known as the toilet auger or toilet snake. 

    This is a cable-like tool that plumbers twist in deep into the toilet to the clog. This is a kind of device to loosen the clog.

    • Future use Advises: 

    While departing plumbers will always come up with some tricks and hacks so that their customers do not have to face the same ill fate again. 

    Firstly, they always advise to turn down the toilet cover so that kids do not throw in stuff like crayons, pencils, wrappers, hair brushes into the toilet. Also never throw any kinds of stuff made out of grease, wax, or drywall joint compound, etc. these things result in major clogging. 

    How To Choose A Plumber 

    Plumbing problems such as a clogged toilet usually arise unexpectedly. Most often than not, you can troubleshoot minor plumbing issues. But it’s still best to hire an expert to tackle the job, especially if it’s an extensive problem. So, how should you choose the right plumber?  

    Choosing a licensed and experienced local plumbing professional, such as a Dallas plumber or one in your area, is vital. That way, you can have peace of mind that the plumber will fix your clogged toilet and other plumbing problems appropriately, just like the steps above.

    Choose a plumber from a reputable plumbing company with a good track record. A reputable plumbing company only employs qualified workers. The company likely invests in state-of-the-art plumbing tools and equipment to resolve plumbing issues as quickly as possible. Moreover, trusted plumbing companies have insurance to keep you protected from liabilities and your property covered if an untoward incident arises during the repair.  

    Be wary of independent plumbers who knock on homes and offer plumbing inspection and repair services at a low price. You’ll never know if they are licensed or experienced in performing plumbing fixes. So, whether you have a kitchen, bathroom, sewer, or general plumbing issue, hiring a professional plumber from a trusted company is your best move.


    These are the ways. Plumbers conduct their unclogging process with surety and assurance. Unclogging a toilet doesn’t need many things unless and until it is a major and critical failure, in those cases the entire system needs to get opened up.

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