The Top 3 Common Toilet Problems

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Due to frequent use and depreciation, toilets develop some problems with time. You can opt to fix it yourself or hire a professional plumber. With a simple repair kit, it is possible to fix toilet problems on your own if you have the time. We are going to discuss some of the common toilet problem and how to fix them. This way, you can get some tips on toilet care and maintenance. If you are building a new house, or you are moving to a new home, you should consider the type of toilet you want in the house. It should be of high quality and installation should be done professionally. This way, it can serve you for a long time without any need for frequent repairs and maintenance.

Here are the top 3 common toilet problems:

  1. Water leakage

If you find water on the bathroom floor, you should address such problems immediately. The water may damage the floor and this will cost much more money to repair. In such cases, most probably, there is a problem with the pipe connections. You should check the tank bolts and connecting valves to establish a loose connection. Replacement of the washers or valves, and tightening loose bolts can solve such problems. It is good to also check for cracks on the tank or the base of the toilet. If you experience leaking every time you flush the toilet, you should replace the wax ring. Regular inspection of your toilet can help prevent any leakages and ensure that your toilet is in perfect condition. Having a toilet repair kit handy makes it possible to easily repair the toilet.

  1. Slow emptying bowl

There are many reasons why a toilet bowl may empty slowly. It may be due to partial blockage, a lack of enough air in the valves, or problems with the flushing valves. It is good to check for any blockage in the toilet drainage system. You may also replace the flushing valves in case you notice a problem with the valves. Always ensure that you clear the vents on a regular basis. In case of a gurgling sound when flushing, ensure that you clear the vents and you should use a hosepipe for this purpose. This way, there will be enough air movement in the waste lines and this helps to speed up the emptying process.

  1. Running toilet

This is a common toilet problem in many homes and offices. This can lead to increased water bills if not sorted out immediately. This problem is mainly caused by the lift chain and float ball issues. You should check those two parts immediately and ensure that they are in good condition. You should also ensure that the current water levels are optimum and in case they overflow, then you should check on controls. Remember to also check the flush valve and pressure assist valve. In case any of these valves is damaged, it should be replaced. This will help to solve the problem.


Common toilet problems can be solved easily without the need of plumbing service. You may get professional toilet repair kits to help you repair some of these common toilet problems. Know more about this types of problems at Architectures Ideas!



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