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Posted On February 05, 2024

50 Vibrant Flooring Tiles Design For Every Indian Home

Flooring tiles design come in a wide range of colours, textures, and patterns. Each part of India has its own unique flooring style. The story behind the process of making...

Posted On August 29, 2022

Things You Should Know About Tiles

When investing in a house, you want to make the best. One of the ways to make your house elegant is to choose the right design and building materials. Tiles...

Posted On March 22, 2022

The Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Outdoor Tile

Today, tiles are used for any place, and according to taste, you can find the model you want. When buying patio tiles make sure that the product you choose, in...

Posted On February 07, 2022

5 Stylish Ways to use Moroccan Tiles in your Interior

What is a Moroccan Style and where does it come from? The Moroccan design style is all about textures and fluid lines. This style draws inspiration from Moorish Architecture (from...

  • Posted On January 03, 2022

    How to Maintain Clean Wall Tiles ?

    A home without clean wall tiles is a sure turn off and that can easily ruin the first impression. It doesn’t even cost too much to maintain clean wall tiles....

    Posted On November 25, 2021

    What are Structured Tiles?

    People are always on the lookout for new and improved ways of designing homes as it’s not very often that styles can be changed. It makes sense to stick with...

    Posted On November 08, 2021

    Seasonal Roof Maintenance Tasks To Protect Your Investment

    Your roof is the first line of defense when protecting your home and assets. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the more costly investments you make as a homeowner. Extending the...

    Posted On October 29, 2021

    Can You Put a New Roof on Top of an Old Roof?

    Most homeowners want to know if it is possible to put a new roof over an old one. The answer is Yes. You can put new shingles over existing shingles...

    Posted On October 28, 2021

    4 Tips for Extending Your Residential Roof’s Lifespan

    Source: No residential roof will last forever. The inevitable wear and tear over the years eventually lead to irreparable degradation. There are deliberate steps you can take to extend...

    Posted On October 13, 2021

    Thinking About Your Future Roofing Contract

    Does your house need to have its roofing tiles replaced? It is a better question that some might think because the problems start to accumulate long before shingles start flying...

    Posted On August 31, 2021

    How to Choose a Sanitary Ware

    Ceramic products (bases, bathrooms, toilets, pots, hairdryers), douches, shower rooms, vanities in bathrooms, and bathroom accessories and so on are part of the sanitary goods. LESSO Sanitary Ware offers one-stop...

    Posted On October 19, 2020

    How to use a tile cutter

    Introduction  If you are a tile setter, you can attest to how sensitive the tile cutting job is; any mess can interfere with the installation outlook. To avoid tile cutting...

    Posted On September 22, 2020

    Why Is Using A Concrete Tile On Your Roof A Good Idea?

    Concrete tile is a civil construction material that, increasingly, brings options and adds value to its segment in the market. Ideal for residential projects, on the roofs, the material has...

    Posted On April 28, 2020

    World’s first Tile made using Air Pollution

    Carbon Craft Design, a Mumbai based startup, has developed Carbon Tile – a first of its kind to be made using Air Pollution – that aims to offset the world’s...

    Posted On September 27, 2018

    Interlocking Stone

    The rounded, soft tones fading into the twilight, the sun sets behind a cobbled path twisting off into the distance. On closer inspection, the path is a multicolored array of...

    Posted On August 17, 2018

    Going Wise With Tile Floorings

    Irrespective of whichever flooring you choose for your home, it requires a regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid any type of wear and tear. Also the shine and gloss of...

    Posted On February 21, 2018

    Things to consider when purchasing granite tile

    Things to consider when purchasing granite tile Granite is composed of several minerals such as quartz, silica, mica, obsidian and feldspar. People like to opt for granite due to its’...