• Things You Should Know About Tiles

    When investing in a house, you want to make the best. One of the ways to make your house elegant is to choose the right design and building materials. Tiles will make your house look great at every glance. Although tiles may sometimes take a back seat to things like cabinets, countertops, window treatments, and appliances, their impact in bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways is significant. Check below to learn more about tiles.

    Types of Tiles

    Ceramic Tile

    Ceramic tiles are the most popular type and provide the widest variety for homeowners. They can be used for home improvement or news establishment projects. Ceramic tile’s durability and affordability make them a perfect choice for any room, including the front entrance, bathroom, or kitchen. Again, glazed ceramic tiles will provide more protection from getting damaged or stained compared to carpets, vinyl plank floors, and wood.

    Porcelain Tile

    This type of tile is a finer make of clay ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are usually more expensive than their red clay counterparts as they are made of a higher ratio of quartz and silica. Also, these tiles are baked at higher temperatures making them even more durable. Porcelain tiles are a chameleon of sorts in their versatile colors and patterns. Texturized, glazed, and edged, porcelain tiles resemble industrial bricks, hardwood planks, or expensive marble. Porcelain tiles are ideal for creating a subway tile backsplash.

    Glass Tile

    These tiles are your ideal choice for a spectacular bathroom or backsplash. Unlike other tiles, these sparkling glass tiles have a high stain resistance for even acidic lemon juice or red wine. However, these tiles are prone to chipping easily and cracking if items fall on them; thus, they are more ideal for walls than floors.

    Marble tile

    Marble is a bold and elegant choice and is usually considered among the most expensive natural stone tile materials. These tiles depict a panache and elegance that is difficult to replicate on other materials.

    Marbles are naturally available in various colors, including beige, green, black, grey, and white. Nevertheless, you should inspect your areas critically before installing marble slabs or tiles due to the porous nature of this material.

    Granite Tile

    Granite is a naturally occurring rock tile that appears with flecks and specks of color engrained within it. This material can be used for flooring or on countertops. Besides, it is harder than marble making it less prone to cracking or chipping. Also, granite tiles are appropriate for wet places like countertops as they can absorb stains and moisture.

    Bathroom Tile Trends

    There are various bathroom trends that can cater to diversified tastes and preferences.

    • Neutral Colors. These work better with simple and sleek lines of contemporary design.
    • New-Look Subway Tiles. Replacing the old boring subway tiles, this trend is more interesting, having a variety of patterns, sizes, and colors for your subway.
    • Marvelous Matte Finishes. This finish creates a striking yet soft beauty for all your rooms.
    • Graphic Patterns. Tiles allow you to get creative and utilize your graphics according to your style and taste.

    Remember that tile installation is done on flat surfaces to prevent it from loosening or cracking over time. Before installing your tiles, you can use self-leveling cement compounds to the uneven areas. Also, wall tiles are usually lighter and thinner than floor tiles. Therefore, you should never use wall tiles on the floor as some may not even withstand some temperatures. Wondering where you can purchase quality tiles? The good news is that you can get tiles online from your home’s comfort.

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