• Going Wise With Tile Floorings

    Irrespective of whichever flooring you choose for your home, it requires a regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid any type of wear and tear. Also the shine and gloss of the floor is maintained.  Most homeowners with any type of floors prefer cleaning their floors by themselves. Usually, no professional help is taken for residential floor clean up. But actually certain floors require special cleaning techniques as well as equipment to maintain the perfect gloss and shine.

    Also cleaning the home floor by you leaves unrevealed damages caused to the floors which could be potentially dangerous. Tough stains and marks on floors can sometimes be stubborn and require special skills to remove them. Thus before installing any flooring, the future maintenance cost should be kept under consideration.

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    Very few house owners actually call for professional housekeeping to clean their hardwood floors. The basic dusting, vacuuming and mopping are done by themselves. However, this can leave scratches leading to wear and tear of the wood floor. Again in carpet flooring the major drawback is the cleaning of the carpet material. Particular carpet textures demand special techniques of cleaning.

    A home dweller may not be in a position to call for a professional team every week due to financial constraints. So it is always advisable to think before any installation. Tile floorings are easy to be cleaned by house owners and do not require any special equipment. Even the exotic ones like the travertine tiles could be cleaned up very easily with hot water. No special chemical is required. Mere use of domestic detergent can maintain the shine and gloss of these tiles.

    The temperature of the house is also maintained by tile floorings. Ceramic tiles can hold the temperature of the room and does not allow frequent change in the degree if heat. Tiles are waterproof in nature but the grout joints of the tile flooring may allow transmission of water. So installation of the tiles should be correct and proper to avoid any such future issues.

    Tiles floorings being low in repair cost can be repaired by sealing the grouts if the problem of water transmission arises. The natural range of tiles like travertine tiles also is much durable and sustainable in comparison to the others. There is absolutely no chance of any squeak in tiles like as in hardwood.

    Tile floor is always a better economic option and is much prominent. Due to its durability, easy availability and gloss it has been in mass demand.

    The average cost of cleaning of tile floors is much lower than the above discussed two floorings. Unlike the wood and carpet flooring the cost of repair is negligible here.


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