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Posted On May 30, 2024

A Tropical Bawa-Inspired Outdoor Wedding Venue | The Auburn Studio

In the wake of the post-COVID era, outdoor intimate wedding venue has witnessed a surge in popularity, and our clients saw an opportunity to transform their family property, once a...

Posted On January 23, 2024

White Interior Design With Tasteful Bursts of Indian Wedding Colors | The Auburn Studio

Striking a delicate balance between a potentially monotonous all white palette and an overly theatrical wedding theme, we proposed an innovative concept: an all white interior design with tasteful bursts...

Posted On September 05, 2023

Loft No.16 : The Perfect Blend of Styles and Warmth | The Auburn Studio

Editor’s Note: Transporting us to the 90s, this loft is designed with all things industrial and unpolished textures. With an undimmable charm to it, the exposed bricks are the center...

Posted On July 28, 2023

A Minimal and Eclectic Home Paired with a Warm and Earthy Palette | The Auburn Studio

The Cinnamon Abode is home to young, new parents. This is their first home and naturally, they were very enthusiastic about bringing their ideas to life. The clients even presented...

  • Posted On July 24, 2023

    Top 25 Interior Designers in Chennai

    The Interior Designers in Chennai cater to a group of people who have a special bond with their Tamil way of life. The meaning of modernity is evolving without detaching...

    Posted On February 03, 2022

    The Millennial Manor – An Abode of Eclectic Interior Design | The Auburn Studio

    The Millennial Manor shapes a family home in Chennai that trends the More is More with blooming layers of prints and textures coincidental to eclectic interior design. An assortment of...

    Posted On November 05, 2020

    Penthouse Embossing Splendor Through Neutral Tones And Gold Accents | The Auburn Studio

    Penthouse Embossing Splendor Through Neutral Tones And Gold Accents | The Auburn Studio The brief It had to be classy and luxurious. The client wanted gold accents throughout the house...