Home design heading into 2021

The home design industry is an industry that, over the years, has been through quite an evolution time and again. we have seen a tremendous amount of growth and exploration over the years that has allowed the home design industry that spans the globe to go from strength to strength and to find new inspiration[Read More]

The Finest Masonry Sets An Earthy Tone To This Weekend Home | Ae. Terrain

The Finest Masonry Sets An Earthy Tone To This Weekend Home | Ae. Terrain The prudent 3,000 Sq ft Surat holiday home called the Oviyan House, owned by an engineer is currently situated in a lush green environment that was once upon a time a non-cultivable land. Built around 25 years ago this weekend home[Read More]

Energy-Efficient Home Renovation Projects to Take On This Summer

We all love our homes. We love the bay windows that showcase our beautiful yard; We love our antique doors that have the crystal doorknobs; And we love our high ceilings that make the entire home feel so much bigger than what it really is! But even with all the small details we love about[Read More]

Material Selection Strategies for Designing Green Buildings and Earning A LEED Certification

Construction and demolition waste constitutes almost half of the total solid waste stream in the United States. However, there are much better alternatives than classifying items as waste, and there are many ways to reduce the environmental harm associated with materials. Using fewer materials, choosing environmentally preferable materials, using locally harvested materials, and eliminating waste[Read More]