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Posted On December 19, 2023

Floating City – 8 Requirements to Tackle the Environmental Crisis

The concept of a Floating City is fictitious as well as semi-fictitious in nature. The inception of new designs, products, or concepts has also been part of the result of...

Posted On March 16, 2022

Reconstructing Luxury with Sustainable Architecture | Thought Parallels

When we mention sustainable architecture, are we talking about the human race that has to sustain in line with natural forces or is it nature that has to co-sustain with...

Posted On March 05, 2022

Serenity Villa: An Extension of Luxury Parallel to Natural Forces and Sustainable Architecture | Karvi Design Studio

Sunlight and architecture, an affable relationship seems to be the binding factor of this uber luxurious villa. A stark contrast is observed in the exterior and interior characters of this...

Posted On September 03, 2019

Ecology and Mankind: Evolution or Split?

Green urban design and architecture probably arrive too late. The fire is too big. What started 200 thousand years ago as a little cooking experience has practically burned out our...

  • Posted On August 17, 2019

    An introduction to the Concept of Green Building from the view point of Architects!

    Green Building or Sustainable Architecture is the practice of creating structures in which the resources are used optimally throughout the stage of development of a building. In a standard building,...