Serenity Villa: An Extension of Luxury Parallel to Natural Forces and Sustainable Architecture | Karvi Design Studio

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Sunlight and architecture, an affable relationship seems to be the binding factor of this uber luxurious villa. A stark contrast is observed in the exterior and interior characters of this space. While the façade and landscaping minutely resembles elements from Japanese architecture and sustainable architecture with floating roofs as a champion feature, a conscious integration of positive and negative spatial boundaries leads to fascinating play of shades and shadows. The dining and kitchen opening into outdoor seating is an extension of luxury parallel to natural forces. A sense of respect for boundaries is observed in contextual regard of this space and yet dispenses with an environment of luxury and evolving sophistication. ~Yamini Vaswani (Editorial Team)

Serenity Villa: An Extension of Luxury Parallel to Natural Forces and Sustainable Architecture | Karvi Design Studio

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Ar. Sumit Bagade & Ar. Vaidehi Bagade, the Architects behind VILLA SERENITY in Satara, described the beauty of Villa in the interplay between culture and environment attaining sustainable architecture.

Principal Designers remark that in this interesting and arduous journey, they have been looking for the harmony of architecture, landscaping, interiors to create delicate and sustainable villa architecture. As the name suggests, the project is located near the serene location of the Urmodi river backwaters in Satara. The site offers a spectacular field of vision of the surrounding dam water and the hills around it. The client required a luxurious weekend home for their family to enjoy these beautiful surroundings and conduct family gatherings. The sloping roof has cutouts with fixed glass for light penetration inside the large areas of the villa.

For exterior design, the client was personally interested in combining different volumes and materials. Due to the location of the project and being in an open environment, it has been endeavor that the constituent elements are a combination of materials that are in harmony with the nature around them and instill a sense of freshness in the viewer. The created elements are like a guideline to attract the viewers’ attention to the surrounding nature. The long driveway at the entrance emphasizes the entry towards the building. The exterior form of the bungalow maintains a rhythmic symmetry. The stepping stone and water body at the main entrance creates a soothing and tranquil ambiance while entering the formal living space.

Dramatic entryway in the villa with a bridge above the mini pool and mirror ornamentals on ruby red wall just complement each other. While the main wooden door design with grove work with inbuilt handle. All over villa follow the theme of ruby, grey, white palette with wooden and mirror frame décor. The formal living area connects the informal living room on one side and kitchen on the other. The triple height of the formal living helps creates a visual connection for the first and second floor bedroom passage overlooking the formal area. A spacious living area that seamlessly connects to the outdoors through a full-length glazing window. Beautiful translucent curtains, wooden work and matte walls add to the royal experience of the space with the sitting arrangement. Modern wooden sofa with inbuilt side tables, high back porter chair and duo triangle coffee table on modern rug enhances the area. This formal living room with the elevated volume is layered with differently sized rectangular spaces that bring loads of depth to the area. A staircase on both sides adds visual depth. The warm wooden ceiling with groove work finds a warmth-evoking partner to open skylight with conical lighting chandelier.

The informal living room window is conical arrayed overhead with an incredible square design in it that creates the feeling of a massive open skylight and it followed the theme. It has enriched the volume of the space with furniture and accessories. While the wall which is the background for sofa seating is accentuated with a ruby color. The modern wooden TV unit blends admirably with the décor of the living room, which is in contrast with the simple and elegant interior of the living room. Informal living room open up to the corner balconies which overlook nature views.

The inviting dining area looks very dignified and gives you a warm space to relax with your friends and family. The luxury dining furniture explores the right kind of adornment required for this place. This turns out to be the perfect place to relish meals with all the members of the family. Again, the dining table is an exquisite center-piece with playful geometric wooden wall paneling accentuated with a similar dining top. The adjoining kitchen serves as the source of prudent interiors, which looks very subtle with grey cabinets and the rustic wall. The kitchen and dining area is also open up to the corner balconies which overlook the gardens and scenic view of dam waters. And it’s a great idea to get the fresh air every time they have their meals.

The internal spaces are divided in two levels according to the contours with two bedrooms on each level. One bedroom with blue palette work great with modern wooden furnishing. With a new level of sophistication with tones and subtly elegant design. While chandeliers enhance the back wall of the bed which is highlighted with wallpapers. It has a balcony to enjoy the scenic view of the surroundings.

While one bedroom is fully décor with the wooden work and it is different from other bedrooms. There are some intricate details going on here, which makes this bedroom irreplaceable and one of a kind. Pattern and lighting fixture on ceiling and wall in wooden work just gives elegant look with floor tiles. Wooden décor in the bedroom adds depth, meaningful style and makes a significant impact on visitors.

A special bath area is created where the clients can enjoy and relax with the nature view. The combination of bathtub and floor just complement each other and gives luxurious look.

The bar unit is made at the site with especially wooden work and blue shade on wall which enhances the chandelier. Wall paneling create a great tonal variation that gives a very classical look and is therefore is integral to the colonial style of the space.

The bon fire pit and swimming pool create a buffer between the public zone and the private zone. The bonfire pit faces the dam view and the swimming pool is placed on the rear side of the villa facing the mountain views. It is a magnificent space to entertain, dance or just enjoy the tranquility. The modern sitting style with colorful cushions just adds a great tone to the sitting space.

The poolside deck, offering unobstructed and seamless views to the surrounding hillside. In the evening, as darkness falls and the mountains start to disappear, the lights come on, and the house expands, extending its warmth to the poolside. The outdoor landscape space has large open area for gatherings and family functions according to the client’s brief. There has been an effort to create a subtle landscape which emphasizes the built form of villa and doesn’t obstruct any views from the villa. We consider the villa to be a canvas upon which our guests can create their own holiday, in the way they would like. There is relaxation & celebration in the space just like hill station. We often receive feedback from the guests that the villa exudes an ambience & feeling of being at home, tranquillity and luxury. A space to unwind and rejuvenate & celebrate life too! – laid by The Architects.

Fact File

Designed By: Karvi Design Studio

Typology: Residence Architecture & Interior Design

Project Name: Villa Serenity

Location: Satara, Maharashtra

Built: 2021

Duration: 2 Years

Plot Area: 1.5 Acre

Built-Up: 15000 sq.ft.

Project Cost Appx: 6 Crore

Principal Architects: Sumit Bagade & Vaidehi Bagade

Photography Credits: Tunespace Studio

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