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Posted On March 27, 2023

Residence Styled With Modern Minimalist Interior Design | AR praxis architects

Our client – a young family of four wanted a home with modern living at its core. The house was to undergo a renovation after 20 years so it needed...

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Posted On March 17, 2023

Five Bedroom Apartment Design That Echoes A Tropical Luxury Theme | Shape My Space

Bearing an ambience of tropical luxury with the occupants’ personalities imbued into its core, playful colour schemes and smart space planning emanates calm and airiness, yoked with shots of artistic...

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Posted On January 11, 2023

3BHK Home With A Sense Of Calm And Warmth | The Code Studio

The beautifully sculpted spaces with the use of refined natural materials in shades of sand, earth and stone, drench this 3BHK home with a sense of calm and warmth. The...

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Posted On January 09, 2023

Coming Together Of Contemporary Designs Overlaid With Hints And Hues Of A Traditional Indian Home | Upside Artist Design Studio

Designed as the oasis for a young couple, the Comfort Zone personifies the coming together of contemporary designs overlaid with hints and hues of a traditional Indian home. It is...

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  • Posted On February 01, 2022

    George’s Residence : Modern Design House with Playful Interiors | Raise Atelier

    An abode of bright colors creating cheerful niches for every user yet a unifying familiar palette for a modern design house. Intending for a creative space that radiates energy and...

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    Posted On March 21, 2020

    Interior Customization of Study Room

    Have you ever thought about what affects the way you perform at school or college? It probably won’t be a revelation if we say that there is a whole bunch...

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