A Photographer’s Studio | Intrinsic Designs

photography Studio interior design | Intrinsic Designs A Personal Space! Photography as a profession is very idiomatic, so the space occupied by a photographer needs to be a reflection of one’s self to be in sync. This is where a studio space differs from an office. Our clients are a famous wedding photographer duo from[Read More]

Organic style home in the suburbs of Mumbai | The White Room
Organic style home

Organic style home in the suburbs of Mumbai | The White Room From the Architect: This studio apartment is designed for a young couple and is a composition of twin long vaults. One housing the living space and the other the master suite. These spaces are connected to each other through smaller vaults and arched[Read More]

CMARIX Technolabs Office Interiors | ADHWA
Office Interiors

CMARIX Technolabs Office Interiors | ADHWA Architecture.Interiors From the architect- CMARIX Technolabs Office Interiors is created by entrepreneurs having different visions of how to run a software venture. The directors of the company had spent a lot of time working in various countries before starting their own company. That gives us the freedom to design and explore[Read More]

This Office with Terrace Garden is Brilliantly Designed | AVG Architecture and Interiors

This Office with Terrace Garden is Brilliantly Design by AVG Architecture and Interiors AVG Architecture and Interiors has designed the new offices of steel manufacturing firm Gulf Ispat Limited located in Gurgaon, India. The existing office had a big front open terrace and any permanent structure was not allowed to build in this area due to building bylaws.[Read More]

Architect’s Office by UCEdesign Studio, New Delhi

Architect’s Office by UCEdesign Studio, New Delhi Taking inspiration from the first leaves of the trees, this studio is designed on “Spring” theme. It started with placing creative head under wisdom tree. The rear cabinet storage loaded with books terminates into a tree foliage at the ceiling. This rear cabinet is designed with thinnest veneer[Read More]

Work Space Interior of General Electric | yellow-sub studio

Work Space Interior of General Electric | yellow-sub studio The studio is built in General Electric’s in John F. Welch Technology Center (JFWTC) in Bangalore, India. The space was partly reclaimed from a recreational facility existing there. It is to house their new venture for Sustainable Healthcare Solutions which caters to the developing nations. The[Read More]

Design Office Interior | YellowSub Studio

Design Office Interior | YellowSub Studio ITF (The Indian Type Foundry) Ahmedabad Based Typography / Graphic design firm This project is a collaborative effort to create an inspirational office space. The site was got at a bare shell level and the interiors were conceived within the space. With only a small group of designers using[Read More]

Music Academy-recording studio Interiors – Hundredhands.

Music Academy-recording studio Interior’s- hundred hands Bangalore-based alternative rock band “Thermal and a Quarter” decides to make a “Taaqademy”-Music academy in 1700 sq.ft Studio including sound proof jam rooms, a practice area for instruction an office and a retail outlet. Banglore based architectural firm “hundred hands” was assigned to create a perfect place where music can flow[Read More]

Pool House | 42mm Architecture

Pool House | 42mm Architecture Conceived as a ‘pebble in the grass’, this house acts as an extended entertainment center to a previously existing home which was built 20 years back. It has been designed in congruence with its context by using the same material palette nonetheless managing to express the shift in time of[Read More]