IVA Skin and Laser Centre Uplift the Architectural Artistry | Increation Associates

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IVA Skin and Laser Centre Uplift the Architectural Artistry | Increation Associates

The creation is peerlessly versed with the scorching temperature of Ahmedabad. Designing the clinic with a proper technique that it acquires maximum natural light and ventilation. The project portrays the bonafide relation between human, nature and material all together it blunts out the integral polyphony among these three which accords the whole project.

The hefty use of affable plantation and allowance of fresh breeze amuses the entrance area. The micro-climate reduces overall heat gain and makes it a desirable space. The eco-friendly aura settles down the mind at peace and helps to get the sense of positive circulation flow in the body which is the best gesture for all the living beings as mentioned in our Vedas.


Pathway from the doctor’s resident to the clinic gives it a feel of pragmatic trauma for a better day at work.

The reception area is much welcoming for a comfortable approach.

Utilization of the whole area is an example of quintessential as its not congested and every block has got its own use and value.

The waiting area has been inducted with congenial facilities. It is chiefly admired due to the rich use of blended material, colours and textures. The shades are decent due to which it gives a tranquil look from inside and the whole interior is enlightened.

The Clinic accommodates the reception area, anteroom along with lavatory, doctor’s cabin and treatment room. All these areas are well designed with appropriate lights.

The design has used the artificial lighting such that it complements all the features and highlights both areas(interior and exterior). Substantial usage of material in furniture is spotted and installation of plants  in the interior area is a  notable point for “go green” method.

The placement of artifacts of the main possessor of the universe smoothes the inner area. Every wall inside has its own way of presenting a message or theme starting from nature and god.

The clinic is designed to maximize natural light and luxury level. The prime mover of the project has used the locally available material which is not harmful for the workers involved during the construction and it encourages the workers to shape best out of it and also enables the designer to uplift the architectural artistry.

The exterior facade is completed with exposed brick work and has a recessed window which allows to balance the effect of baleful sunlight inside. And is also ornamented with metal screen which is depicting the brick wall.

The consumption of modern art and ideas is visible at  every wall and corner with perfect fusion of divergent shades and material for every sector.

Employment for all the small and big appealing lights in both the areas gives it a firm glance of brightness to the every zone of this modernized creation. It’s not loud which provides it the roaring credits points as it also minimizes the use of electricity which helps to preserve it by this skilful plan

Last but not least the decent and genuinely of this design is undeniably experienced. Mainly the bulletin shades and textures, harmful flow of light and over expenditure of the area is not adapted so it springs the creation and bond with the nature at every level along with the portrays of god by different forms is a religious way of worshipping the energy.


Dr Maitri’s “IVA” skin and laser centre located in Ahmedabad.

Project Name : IVA Skin and Laser centre

Firm Name: Increation Associates

Designer: Kejul Patel & Harsh Patel

Photography by : inclined studio (Maulik Patel)

project area : 1400 sq.ft.


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