3 Uses for Different Types of Railings

Railings are not just safety features in a building. Different types of railings serve varying functions, whether you are designing a deck outdoors or a corporate building, stairways and railings will play an important role in the appearance of the finished product.  This could be a home project or on a grand scale where you[Read More]

7 Budget Friendly Yet Classy Glass Balustrade for Home Designs

Balustrades are an essential in any home. If you are picking out a balustrade for your home, these options will bring it to the next level and beyond. They are both attractive and functional. Glass Balustrade The balustrade made of glass is highly elegant and useful. This is one option that so many people love.[Read More]

How to Refinish Worn Out Stair Treads

Are your stair treads starting to look rough around the edges? Staircases take a battering, especially in the workplace, so it’s perfectly normal to see signs of wear and tear after years of heavy use.  Fortunately, refinishing worn out stair treads makes the perfect DIY project! It only takes a few days and it won’t[Read More]

Influenced Wooden Railing with Bookshelves | Designed By : VG Studio 

Influenced Wooden Railing with Bookshelves | Designed By : VG Studio  About “Band Rail”: “Band-Rail” the wooden railing ripples effortlessly through space while holding considerable book weight.  Colorful book covers and magazines add beauty to the living room area in this little loft apartment and adorn the rhythmic repetitive character of the handrail’s vertical components. [Read More]

A Guide On How To Use LED Step Lights In Indoor Spaces

A Guide On How To Use LED Step Lights In Indoor Spaces For some extra impact in your home’s foyer or some more safety in the dark basement, LED step lights can help. Over the last few decades, lighting has undoubtedly come a long way, and many people no longer look at their interior lighting[Read More]

Factors To Consider Before Installing Stair Case Lighting

Maintenance and installation should always come into your mind before taking any step. Ensure cabling is done in continuous ducts because it is not easy to remove bulbs from step lighting. Kinetic and dynamic lighting is amazing but not good for those with impaired visions. They always mistake dark shadows to be obstacles or a[Read More]