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A Modern Contemporary Home Distinctive To The Client’s Family | SK Design studio

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Our client wanted a design that was sleek and elegant, with Modern Contemporary interior. They wanted a minimalistic & clutter-free look. The major materials used in entire project were Satin finish laminates, Fluted wooden panels and mirror & MDF moulding. The best design or concept of this flat is the hidden bedroom door for kitchen & bedroom. For this project, the client asked for a Modern Contemporary home distinctive to the client’s family. Our team decided to go with a pastel color scheme in order to give the home a more spacious and minimalistic look. This was achieved through simple clean lines and easy-to-maintain materials throughout the house.

A Modern Contemporary Home Distinctive To The Client’s Family | SK Design studio

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Upon entering the home, the guests are greeted by a stunning grey mirror panel on a floating console in the foyer. The living room on the other side of the house is a completely different space. It’s all about relaxation and unwinding. The living room is mainly decorated in a grey color palette with orage accents in the form of feature chairs and paintings. We increased the length of the tv panel to make more use of the available space. The Alter is placed in such a way that there is maximum open space in front of it.

The dining area has mirror paneling above crockery unit and rafters on both the sides. The sliding pocket door to kitchen is also covered with rafters and mirror paneling. Both the kitchen and guest bedroom doors look like they are part of the design, not typical doors.

The kitchen is made with acrylic material . The platform is a brown quartz, which was given by the builder. The mint green and frosty white combination look beautiful with the existing dado tiles and kitchen platform. The use of lighter colors makes the kitchen appear bigger.

The guest bedroom is a calming space with its main colors being brown and mint green. The wall behind bed has a grooves pattern which forms the design backdrop for the bed. The wardrobe is cut from side table height to make it little lighter. This space can be well used for keeping accessories or books.

The son’s room is the smallest amongst all the rooms. However, the platform bed with big storage still serves his requirements for a funky look as well as enough storage space for cricket bats. Being tech-savvy, he has a fascination for color-changing smart lights. So, a funky nano leaf pattern is used above his bed which runs on music and voice control. The Roman blind is also customized as per his liking.

The master bedroom is a beautiful, spacious room with a pestle crymson satin finish laminet. The client wanted it to be clutter free and minimalistic, so we created a sleek, modern space with a grooves pattern on the existing wall behind the bed. The headboard is fluted and upholstered for a touch of luxury and there’s plenty of storage space in the walk-in wardrobe.

The overall effect is of a light, airy room that feels really spacious. The full house lights are on automation, so you can relax in complete comfort.


Designed by: SK Design studio

Project Type: Residential Interior Design

Project Name: Eaton Square- Lodha sterling

Location: Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Built up: 1350 sqft.

Project Size: 1200 sq .ft.

Duration of Project: 4 Months

Principal Architect: Sarika Kulkarni

Photograph Courtesy : Rohan Patel

Team Design Credits: Dinesh Mistry & Anil Choudhary

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