Elevating the Atmosphere of Simple Aesthetics in this Office Interiors | The Arch Studio

This bright, light office is the perfect place to think and create. We envision every project initially with a hand sketch and then follow the 3d views and renders. This process helps us rely on our instincts of imagination. We believe that spaces must inspire hope with physical and emotional depth and facilitate a connection[Read More]

The Grey Box : Fitting in with Cityscape and Elements of Natural Appeal | Traanspace

A reference to Brutalist architecture, characteristic of minimalist modern constructions enhancing the beauty of simplicity, The Grey Box is an unconventional take on commercial space design. It delineates spaces and establishes unhindered boundaries. Being a largely open floor plan, the conference room is the last of private enclosed spaces required. Being a critical space, it[Read More]

A Muted Earthy Colour Palette And Hues of Pop Colour Inducing A Positive Office Environment | ASDA

The space was envisioned to reflect a positive environment with a muted earthy colour palette and hues of pop colour to lift the mood of the employees. The natural filtered light aided in creating a serene work environment. Soft weaved textures add to the simplicity of the whole look. The brief included various functional zones[Read More]

Solving the Work Space Requirements in the Office in an Innovative Way | Atmosphere Design Lab

The project consists of a four-story commercial building in Ernakulam, India. The design called for efficiency-oriented structure with minimal sacrifice for aesthetics. Being in a tropical humid climate, a climate responsive façade was required to reduce operating costs. These criteria led to the conception of a perforated Corten steel curtain wall encompassing the four-story structure.[Read More]

An Engaging, Flexible and Creative Workspace | Aditya Sutaria Architects

An Engaging, Flexible and Creative Workspace | Aditya Sutaria Architects Engaging, flexible and Creative. These three aspects are the core ideas behind designing our studio. For an architect, their own dream work space is always special and thus we have tried to give it our utmost personal touch. In the midst of an ever expanding[Read More]

Inspiring Offices: Designing to Attract and Retain Talent

First impressions matter! When candidates walk into an office, they immediately observe the appearance of your building and start developing their impressions of your company. Prospective employees will be more excited about joining your company if you have an attractive workspace. To attract the top talent, the financial package and company culture remain key drivers[Read More]

Design Studio With Interactive And Interconnected Spaces | SANS Architect & KARVI Design Studio

Design Studio With Interactive And Interconnected Spaces | SANS Architect & KARVI Design Studio The design is thoughtful of the pleasing subtropical weather the city has to offer and takes advantage of this comfortable climate through its play of open and semi-open spaces integrated within the office. The design showcases the studio’s own ideology of[Read More]

6 Tips for Designing Your New Office

When starting up on your new office, it can be a challenging task to nail its design. Your office is not only about setting up electronic devices and furniture—it is your workplace, and how you design it can influence your work environment and productivity in the future. Perhaps you already have a specific design in[Read More]

The Arched Insight: A Bijou Workspace | Shraddha Architects

The Arched Insight: A Bijou Workspace | Shraddha Architects This bijou workspace which is 550 sqft in size is meticulously designed by Shraddha architects located in Bharuch, India. This workspace is designed for an industrial plumbing agency, known by the Anjani enterprise in Gujarat. Visit: Shraddha Architects The foundation of this space grew from few[Read More]