vibrant And Lively Office Interior | Studio 1101

vibrant And Lively Office Interior | Studio 1101 “A workspace demands Life” – The idea of an office has come a long way from rigid cubicles and bare walls. In today’s time, an office demands vibrance where users feel lively and keep up their energy levels high. Visit: Studio 1101 In this project, all the[Read More]

Sedentary life in workplace wellbeing: Why we don’t care and why we should

You may not notice but for most of us who spend our whole day tethering to chairs, -be it at home or work, there is some bad news. In America, research that involved 7,985 adults showed that it was more likely for those who spent hours and hours sitting to have health problems and a[Read More]

Modern Workplace Design Ideas for Start-Ups

Designing a modern workplace is a major step for growing start-ups ready to go mainstream. There are many design ideas to choose from these days. Here are several that start-ups in particular can consider: Flexible Layout is Key Essentially all modern workplace adopt open office layouts because how flexible it is. For start-ups planning on[Read More]