Slit House | MS Design Studio

Slit House | MS Design Studio We have named this house as “slit house”. This name has been derived from the element designed for the elevation of the house by using processed metal screen, which has long vertical & diagonal strips of metal. This screen allows to form an interesting sciography to the double heighted entrance.Designing[Read More]

Twin Cubes & A Court | Studio Lotus

Twin Cubes & A Court | Studio Lotus The challenge of designing twin houses in the proximity of a bustling highway translated into a program where a stark contemporary architectural language created the ideal shell for an interior, richly layered with handcrafted materials, bespoke furniture and curated elements. Visit: Studio Lotus &nbsp The brief was to create[Read More]

Residential Villa In Jodhpur Designed According To Vastu Compliant | Abraham John Architects

  Residential villa in Jodhpur designed according to Vastu Compliant | Abraham John Architects The challenge of designing a residential villa in Jodhpur was trifold: extreme climate, small footprint, and a large project brief. The house also needed to be and is Vastu compliant – conforming with the ancient Indian design principles regarding space, sunlight, flow, and function. Architects: Abraham[Read More]