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Posted On April 23, 2024

This Multi Family Home Accommodated Members Of All Age | Midas Luxury Interiors

We had to match up with everyone’s expectations since this multi family home accommodated family members of all age groups from 75 years old father to 3 year old grandson....

Posted On October 17, 2023

This 3800 sq.ft. Residence has Warm, Beige and Gold Accents Seeped To It | Midas Luxury Interiors

Editor’s Note: Step into the world of Naj Residence where sophisticated allure takes two steps forward. Warm beige and hints of golden yellow map the environment. The intimate collection of...

Posted On July 24, 2023

Top 25 Interior Designers in Chennai

The Interior Designers in Chennai cater to a group of people who have a special bond with their Tamil way of life. The meaning of modernity is evolving without detaching...

Posted On January 25, 2023

Penthouse Interior Designed With Pleasant Colors And Rich Materials | Midas Luxury Interiors

Outlining a surfeit of tailored touches, Bavishi’s residence exudes a perfect neoclassical archetype, styled to capture the sophisticated tastes of its residents. Curated by Midas Luxury Interiors, this 18th floor...

  • Posted On July 26, 2022

    A Muted Palette that provides a Calm Environment for this Contemporary Home | Midas Luxury Interiors

    Can a sober and fine-drawn design give rise to a sense of welcoming and pleasant space? It is the concept adopted by the designer in this 3BHK contemporary home. The...

    Posted On April 19, 2022

    Luxury Apartment In Chennai has Timeless & Global Style | Midas Luxury Interiors

    This 6000 sq. ft luxury apartment in Chennai has been created using timeless & global style. The design of the apartment’s interiors utilizes elements from across the world and is...

    Posted On November 28, 2020

    A House Interior With A Pleasing Palette And Sundry Mix Of Style | Midas Luxury Interiors

    A House Interior With A Pleasing Palette And Sundry Mix Of Style | Midas Luxury Interiors LIVING AREA The natural light reaches the interior spaces from the full-height windows, providing...