A Muted Palette that provides a Calm Environment for this Contemporary Home | Midas Luxury Interiors

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Can a sober and fine-drawn design give rise to a sense of welcoming and pleasant space? It is the concept adopted by the designer in this 3BHK contemporary home. The architectural magic of a space unfolding into an intimate world that incorporates three generations living together. This interior design justifies the appearance of livable spaces that do not age with time.

A Muted Palette that provides a Calm Environment for this Contemporary Home | Midas Luxury Interiors

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The spatial organization embraces the habitable spaces, like the living area, dining, and puja room within the open layout, while the center allows them to interact. The clients were confident that maximum storage and optimum furniture would better suit their needs. The idea was explicit to avoid, which resulted in space optimization, chaos-free circulation, and privacy. As per the location, good ventilation was a premium advantage of being on the eleventh floor of the building. However, directing the natural light inside different areas was a challenge. It needed a systematic method to dwell the artificial and natural lighting, which is exemplary here.

A neutral tone is integrated with the overall design starting from the entrance, along with the vestibule, powder room, dining, and puja room, leading them to the family room while also radiating luxury. The partition framed between the kitchen and the living room was to provide options for privacy and the feeling of not being in the same space all of the time. The intention was to let spaces speak for themselves concerning their furniture arrangement in the apartment. With all the must-haves, every bedroom has a perfect set of storage solutions, and lighting apart from accessories with a soothing touch to complete the look. The window seating is an exquisite touch to enhance the bedroom area and provide an enjoyable personal corner. The selection of subtle colors like ivory and cloudy gray in the bedrooms, along with the natural wooden tones, was to keep the everlasting theme throughout the apartment.

Lastly, among the objects at play is an exceptional dining table, slender and grand at the same time. Its most noticeable feature is the Italian marble stone table top. Aesthetically, the layered velvet chesterfield sofa in the living room allows a rapid shift from the dining and the puja room.

Within this apartment, materials are crucial in carrying out the vision seen for any space. Here, velvet is the medium used for the ambiance of living areas, while the bedrooms are leather and fabric-based. The stick out for this particular interior is its simplicity adjacent to modern elegance. The overall atmosphere of the apartment is soothing to the mind that consciously and subconsciously affects the resident’s behavior in a good way. While the furnishings are remarkable for their richness and coherence of materials and textures; one of the reasons behind the spacious feeling of the apartment is that the design has integrated the same material for all doors, windows and paneling with a generous yet uniform pattern.

The interior architecture characteristics in this apartment create constant excitement, making the otherwise intimidating area feel slightly optimal yet habitable. The aura of this apartment is what builds the character and radiates a positive impact on the user. The project is also based on the extensive quaint yet modern look concept that only the people visiting this place can accurately encounter and experience the vibrant essence of the space.

The entire concept is kept visible in a game of shapes, textures, and shades of gray, proving capable of a rhythmic environment.

Fact File

Designed by: Midas Luxury Interiors

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: Kansaria

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Year Built: 2022

Duration of project: 1 Year

Project Size: 1800 Sq.ft

Principal Designer: Rachana Goyam

Photograph Courtesy: Inclined Studios

Consultants for the Project

MEP & HVAC Consultants: Mitsibushi Electrical

Products & Materials: Marble: Guntupalli Marbles, Chennai | Wallcovering / Cladding: Dulex Wall Paints | Furnishing: Ddecor, Sarom, Asian Paints | Sanitary ware: Grohe | Windows: Fenesta | Furniture: Stanley | Paint: ICA Pidilite | Artefacts: Address home, Oma | Hardware: Hettich, Hafele

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