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    Outlining a surfeit of tailored touches, Bavishi’s residence exudes a perfect neoclassical archetype, styled to capture the sophisticated tastes of its residents. Curated by Midas Luxury Interiors, this 18th floor penthouse interior designed with pleasant colors and rich materials, is characterized by the use of plush furnishings, ornate fixtures rustic wooden finishes and homogenous color themes, together melded with stunning views to conceive a graceful masterpiece.

    Penthouse Interior Designed With Pleasant Colors And Rich Materials | MIDAS LUXURY INTERIORS


    The floor plan allows the main areas to flow freely into each other as it appears, minimally partitioned yet each space is defined with its functions. The outer door is detailed with floral motifs sculpted in the MS grill and concealed light in the wooden back-paneling, elevates the visual aesthetics of the space.

    As one walks through the doorway into the apartment, the playful black-turquoise floral pattern of the flooring notionally defines the entrance foyer.

    The living room wreathes a dual color tone between soft taupe and peach walls that traverses into coral marble floors. It draws an intimate and welcoming portrait of the space that echoes comfort, warmth and tranquility.

    The TV console has a monolithic occurrence, in contrast with the crafted wooden back paneling. The fluted pearl-white backdrop in the living, adorned with a magnanimous mirror acts as the focal point of the abode.

    The solid grey upholstery resonates with the fenestrations in the house. The indoors are garnished by fresh greens to bring a tropical flourish to the space high above the ground.

    The house has an open kitchen which extends into the dining. While the challenge arose to disperse the lights proportionately in the kitchen, the plain white ceiling is reserved with a sense of visual continuity which ties the whole space together.

    The dining area serves as a transit between the living and the terrace. The bespoke furniture customized by the firm, blends artistically with the regent-styled interiors. Owing to the opulent and high-end detailing it commands, the artisanal woven hounds-tooth fabrics and eco-soft leather chairs finished with dark lacquers compliment the monochromatic smooth polished granite counter top of the dining table.

    The alcove by the edge of the dining has a solitary hand wash mounted on it. The accessory and finish speak volumes of its richness.

    The residence also accommodates three bedrooms including the guests’ bedroom, master-bed and children’s room each equipped with a mammoth walk-in closet. All bedrooms are set in a homogeneous neutral color tone.

    The beautiful diamond stitch, button tufted headboard strews a touch of grey in the fabric to distinguish itself from the white hues of the bedroom. The use of a peach-pink pastel shade in the dressing lit up with the vanity lights exuberates the retro look.

    The back-drop of the master bed twinning with the TV unit is embellished with fluted wooden strips. The protruded window seating cladded with stone frames, borrows abundant natural light to craft an intimate space.

    The children’s bedroom borrows a similar theme as the master-bed with lime washed white walls. The side tables, the storage cabinet by the window and the door into the bedroom tread the same language as the headboard of the bed, splashed with grey.

    The terrace cum verandah accounts for a lavish open space with an outdoor temple and patio furniture in its forecourt to enable the family to spend the best times indoors and outdoors as well. The backdrop of the temple is ornamented with floral motifs of brass inlay. It holds a pleasing background to the Ganeshan that is placed on a sleek console table with fluted patterns.



    Project Type : Residential Interior

    Project Name : BAVISHI’S

    Location : CHENNAI

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of the project : 10 MONTHS

    Project Size : 1750 sq.ft

    Principal Designer : RACHANA GOYAM

    Photograph Courtesy : PHOTOSART STUDIO

    Products/Materials/Vendors : Finishes – WALLNUT VENEER / Lighting – IKEA / Sanitaryware – GROHE Flooring – SIMPOLO / Kitchen – HAFELE / Paint – ASIAN PAINTS / Hardware – EBCO, HETTICH

    Firm’s Website Link : MIDAS LUXURY INTERIORS

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