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Posted On July 07, 2023

A Vibe Of Luxury And Richness Of The Bygone Era In This Victorian Themed Bar | ZAD Studio

Our client reached out to us with the concept of creating a bar in the heart of the city of Jaipur. She was very specific about making it into a...

Posted On May 29, 2023

An Old Shell Has Been Renovated By Emergence Architects For Aged To Call Home | Emergence Architects & Interior Designers

Nothing feels more like home than simple living spaces that are amped with comfort, accessibility and social engagement. While this notion may be constant for all age groups, it becomes...

Posted On May 26, 2023

Imbued With Whites And Bright Palette, Cafe Koa Has A Serene Backdrop | The Crossboundaries

Can a coffee shop become a place of calm, community and collaboration? With this impetus in mind, the Crossboundaries collaborated with the founder-owners of ‘Koa’ – to design a fresh...

Posted On May 10, 2023

“The Blue Lounge”, An Entertainment Lounge For A Spacious Apartment Space | Sapscapes

Due to their love of hosting friends, our client envisioned “The Blue Lounge”, an entertainment lounge for a spacious apartment space planned in 1300 sq.ft. The design brief specified the...

  • Posted On April 21, 2023

    A Classy And Luxurious Lounge Design That Is Both Inviting And Functional | Shivani Agrawal Interiors

    The lounge acts as the heart of the house, bringing together family and friends. Creating a welcoming and functional lounge space in your home is all about balancing comfort and...

    Posted On February 08, 2023

    Seamless & Timeless Deco For This Luxurious Bar And Lounge | OLL KORRECT DESIGN (OKDI)

    To bring to reality the picture painted above, the client presented us with a site that was extremely challenging, it was in his basement with only exhaust livers extreme dampness,...

    Posted On March 02, 2020

    Lounge Interior With An Eclectic Sense Of Luxury And Comfort | Design Ethics Architecture Studio

    Lounge Interior With An Eclectic Sense Of Luxury And Comfort | Design Ethics Architecture Studio Space was visualized with the want of sophistication taking relevance from classic European vibes which translates...

    Posted On December 17, 2019

    Bar Design With  Bold Color Combination | ESI Design Studio

    Bar Design With  Bold Color Combination | ESI Design Studio – Architects and Designers  One of the most significant components for designing a grand commercial bar is setting the overall vibe and energy of...

    Posted On May 30, 2019

    Huge Cookouts At Tiny Houses

    When people think of tiny houses, luxury probably isn’t very high on their list of expectations. The perception is understandable. Everything is packed close together and in many cases has...

    Posted On May 04, 2018

    Restaurant Designed With Delicacy & Elegance | Big Nose Designs

    Big Nose Designs has recently Designed a Restaurant, located on the outskirts of Bombay.   Visit Big Nose Design >>> Photo Courtesy: Big Nose Designs