Huge Cookouts At Tiny Houses

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When people think of tiny houses, luxury probably isn’t very high on their list of expectations. The perception is understandable. Everything is packed close together and in many cases has multiple functions and uses. Storage is at a premium. Since most tiny houses are smaller than a studio apartment, downsizing is the name of the game.

So luxury wouldn’t be the first thing people would think of in connection with tiny houses. But with a little ingenuity and foresight, you can have luxury even in the smallest of spaces.


Cooking Out On The Patio

There’s nothing that says luxury more than an evening cookout on a polished wooden deck or patio. Put paper lanterns on some lines from one pole to another, put your favorite food on the grill and relax with your friends and family. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Just because your house is tiny, doesn’t mean your deck or patio has to be. In fact, many tiny homes have decks that are two or three times larger than the house. Put some comfortable outdoor lounge furniture on your patio and it instantly becomes another room in your house, albeit without any walls or ceiling.


Tiny Houses With Big Benefits

One of the major benefits of a tiny house is the near total lack of any mortgage payment. Without a mortgage hanging over your head, you’re free to spend your money on the best outdoor living furniture you can find. Right there you’ll start finding that touch of luxury and gracious living that gets your motor running.

Outdoor living can be as elegant as indoor living but at a fraction of the cost. Couches, chairs, tables, fire pits, and industrial-sized grills can create an outdoor space that is second to none.


Cleanliness Is Next To Cleanliness

Outdoor living isn’t without its challenges, of course. One of which is cleanliness. Dust and windblown debris have to be tackled on a regular basis to maintain the simple beauty of your patio. Otherwise, it starts to look like something out of a Steven King novel.

Keeping the carpet clean in your tiny house is imperative because dust, dirt, and mud can be tracked in and thoroughly scattered over the whole house with only three or four steps. Regular cleaning has to be a priority. The same logic applies if you have area rugs or if you have hardwood floors, tile, or linoleum. You have to stay on top of it.


Fire Pit And Grill

One thing you need to clean on a regular basis is the fire pit and the grill. Flames dancing in the night are a beautiful sight and a few drinks around the fire is a scene right out of the movies. In the cold light of morning though, you’ll have a fire pit or grill full of ashes that the wind would love to scatter all around your patio and into your tiny home.

Das ist Nicht gut.

Luckily there is an answer that won’t break the bank. For a Tiny House, Huge Ideas can come in small packages that can be stored underneath the house. Specifically, we’re talking about ash vacuum cleaners.


What Is An Ash Vacuum Cleaner?

An ash vacuum cleaner is basically a shop vac on steroids. Because ashes can retain heat for hours at a time though, there are some notable differences between them, mainly in the materials, they’re constructed from because ash vacuums have to deal with some heat.

Shop vacs are typically made from hard plastic and have rubber hoses. They can pick up dust or water with equal ease and generally don’t have much in the way of a filtration system on them. They’re on wheels and normally hold between two to three gallons.

Ash vacuum cleaners are more robust. They’re made from metal, either aluminum or steel. Sometimes they’re made from an alloy of the two. The hose is also metal and is the nozzle. They have powerful motors and a filtration system to keep the ash from escaping the bucket. Some even have a secondary filter to catch the finer particles of ash that are sucked up.

Ash vacuums can normally handle ash temperatures up to 100 degrees with some models capable of handling temperatures of 112 degrees. Like shop vacs, they’re all on wheels for ease of use and generally hold two to three gallons of ash. Some hold over five gallons.

All of them are small enough to be stored under the deck or patio when you’re not using them.

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