LEATHER MEETS LIGHT BY TATSUO KURODA. Designer: TATSUO KURODA. Drawing inspiration from other fields like fashion and luggage design, it’s hand-sewn to hug every angle and curve. &nbsp As much about the structure as it is the aesthetic, its exposed stitching and the organic material combination gives it (and your overall interior) a bespoke feel you[Read More]

Organic Shape Inspired Lamp “Navicula” By David Trubridge.

Organic Shape Inspired Lamp “Navicula” By David Trubridge. Designer: David Trubridge The Navicula light pays tribute to the organism that is arguably the organism most responsible for the air we breathe. &nbsp Yes, plants and trees put oxygen into the air, but they’re heavily outweighed by the microorganisms in the ocean we call Plankton. The Navicula[Read More]

Dark Side of LED Lights

LED lights are mostly used as the lighting system in each and every field.  LED lights have already started replacing fluorescent as the eco-friendly light bulb. Although few of the health and environment-related concerns are raised against LED lights. In this article, we will discuss these issues and check out the facts to find out[Read More]

Nest – A Retreat And Rest | Vibhor Sogani

Nest – a retreat and rest| Vibhor Sogani LED based Suspension light This nest shaped stainless steel suspension has mirror finished steel exterior, complimented with copper leafing inside. This LED based suspension gives a crisp shaft of down light while also providing ambient light. It is suitable for places like residences, hotels and corporate spaces. &nbsp Designer Vibhor[Read More]

A Guide On How To Use LED Step Lights In Indoor Spaces

A Guide On How To Use LED Step Lights In Indoor Spaces   For some extra impact in your home’s foyer or some more safety in the dark basement, LED step lights can help. Over the last few decades, lighting has undoubtedly come a long way, and many people no longer look at their interior[Read More]

KUP lamp are Available in Black, and Luxurious Gold and Copper Finishes by Tim Brauns for B lux

Tim Brauns designs KUP, a new LED modular lighting system, for B.lux. B.lux’s new LED modular lighting system is the work of designer Tim Brauns, who has become a regular collaborator of the Basque manufacturer. It is a suspension system called KUP that can be used to create multiple modular compositions and adapted to all[Read More]