Dark Side of LED Lights

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LED lights are mostly used as the lighting system in each and every field.  LED lights have already started replacing fluorescent as the eco-friendly light bulb. Although few of the health and environment-related concerns are raised against LED lights. In this article, we will discuss these issues and check out the facts to find out that it’s true or not.

Dark Side

LED is a light-emitting diode system which is considered as the future of lighting system. The previous lighting system had mercury content and several light quality issues, which was then soon replaced by the LED. Even you will get to see LED work light in most of the workshops and offices which provides prominent lighting. LED lights consume less energy compared to other lights such as fluorescent and bulbs.


One of the major reasons for using the LED light is the Mercury less lighting. So, it is one of the top competitors against CFL which provides superb quality lighting and even saves electric bills. Although several studies claim that LED lights have a dark side which can be harmful. There was a study which got published in the year 2010 in a journal named “Environmental Science and Technology”. The study claims that LED lights contain lead, arsenic, and various other dangerous substances.


Among several researchers, one of them was working in the University of California Irvine’s Department of Population Health and Disease Prevention. The name of the person was Oladede Ogunseitan, and he stated a warning which is relevant to this factor. Nowadays we are trying to provide develop better products which does not consume much energy resources or does become part of global warming. Although we tend to forget a specific thing, it does not take much care about toxic hazards in this process.


Those researchers have tested various types of LED lights which include, traffic lights, car headlights, Christmas lights, and brake lights. Among their findings after the research, the worst led is the intensity red LED. They have eight times more lead, this element is also a neurotoxin. Although this neurotoxin is allowed by the California State law, according to the researchers this could be a major reason for cancer and non-cancer threats. This health hazards can happen due to the higher amount of arsenic and lead present in the LED lights.


The significantly white LED has the lowest amount of lead, however, it has a high amount of nickel. Nickel is a heavy metal which is the cause of an allergic reaction. Most of the people can have an allergic reaction after being exposed to the LED lights. Few of the LED lights even have copper, which is another threat to the environment if they ever come in contact with rivers and lakes. As copper can poisonous to the aquatic life, it is a serious threat to the environment.


The research also states that breaking a single LED or even inhaling the fumes from the LED could be a major cause of cancer. We are already filled with several kinds of toxic substances around us, which are already a major cause for triggering several diseases. After the additional threat from the LED, it could be even more dangerous for the environment and for the health of the people.

If you are already using LED lights in your home, and It breaks you will need to sweep the shards off by wearing gloves and mask.


Remove the debris along with the broom which was used for the meaning of the LED light breakage. It is considered hazardous waste, which needs to be removed carefully by avoiding contact with the bare skin. These issues can also happen if the cleaning process is going on for clean-up car crashing issues or broken traffic lights. It is recommended to use protective clothing for handling such materials which are prone to hazard.


Although according to law LED lights are not toxic and it can be disposed of in any common locations.

Although according to the study, it is recommended to dispose of the LED is safe as mentioned above to avoid hazards. After the research was successfully completed, researchers recommended that LED manufacturers can minimize the usage of these materials.


LED manufacturers could redesign the complete product by using the less concentration of heavy metals for the safety and security of the environment and health.

Researchers have requested using safe materials in order to avoid issues. Although federal or state regulator definitely needs to look into this matter and regulate them to use safer materials for the sake of environment and health. They need to be concerned about changing the law to replace the hazardous material which is unsafe for the environment and health. They need to be aware of these hazards which are putting lives at risks.


This issue is not much of a problem and it can be prevented easily just by replacing the materials which are hazardous to nature. Although compared to other lighting systems available in the market, LED light is much safer. LED is the best choice if you keep a few points in mind which includes light quality, consumption of energy and environmental protection.


Last Words

LED lights are the future of lighting system, although we need to address several concerns about health and environmental issues.

We have gathered complete information by researching about this matter and the concerns which have raised against LED lights.

Share this important article with others, so that they also get to know about the dark side of the LED lights.


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