Top 30 Interior Designers in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

The creative community holds the power to shape the way of how people perceive Interior Design. Achieving the Functionality of a Space while also making it Aesthetically Pleasing, with respect to specific typologies and catering to each class of clientele uniquely, turning their basic requirements into awe-inspiring designs is no less than art itself. The[Read More]

Apartment Interiors Designed In Glamorous Yet Contemporary Style | VINAY AND RASHMI

‘Vinay and Rashmi’ as a studio believes in the concept of “God is in the details”. Every minute detail contributes to the beauty of the space. The lighting, color and texture in the house is designed according to the emotions a space witnesses. Apartment Interiors Designed In Glamorous Yet Contemporary Style | VINAY AND RASHMI[Read More]

A Unique Color Scheme In This Compact 3BHK Apartment | Simplécede

The white washes, blue seas, beige sand, lush green, pops of many shades that shine bright in a very mellow sunshine. With 1285 sqft area and built up area of 1540sqft, each space has a unique color scheme in this compact 3BHK apartment. Some subtle, some bold but a definite character. And when it all[Read More]

This Ritzy Abode Has Carved A Niche In Luxury Interiors | deSigneR

A medley of unprecedented craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, this ritzy abode has carved a niche in luxury interiors. To begin with, this apartment is perched on a higher floor and has an undisputed view of green hills of Powai. Emboldened by the client’s exuberant personality, a collaborative choice was made to create this[Read More]

Gurwani’s Boutique, A Colourful Designer Fashion House | SHAPE MY SPACE

A designer simply wants their shop to be as ideal as possible in order to fulfill their thoughts and ideas. When a designer’s ideas and an interior designer’s broader perspective come together, a venue like ‘Gurwani’s Boutique’ is created! But we also face some challenges to make this boutique a dream place for our client. It[Read More]

Monochromatic Modern Home With Subtle Colour Schemes | AMSEL DESIGNS

We designed a 3 level monochromatic modern home with subtle colour schemes that’s soothing to the eye. The home is swathed in grey, beige and its many tones with accent shades. We gave monochrome, muted look living rooms which is a timeless design. Almost every piece of furniture was custom made for this home. Monochromatic[Read More]

Family Home With A Tasteful Blend Of Serene Colors And Textures | THE CROSSBOUNDARIES

Nested amidst the splendid city of Vadodara, we designed a family home with a tasteful blend of serene colors and textures, and a fine combinations of materials. This 3500 sq. ft., 4 bedroom residence built for the Parnami family, brings forth an idealistic home with all the superfluities in a very modest and pleasant way.[Read More]

Ethnic Elements Co-Exist Amicably In This Family Home | DESIGN CENTRE

Epitomizing India modern, where natural stone, timber, Indian artefacts and other ethnic elements co-exist amicably in this family home. “The client’s expectations were quite clear from the outset,” reveals architect Ajay Singh of ‘Design Centre’. “On a broader level, he certainly wanted the design elements to be derivatives of traditional and cultural roots, and yet[Read More]

Focusing More On Natural Lights Thus Enhancing The Office Interiors | A-SPACE
Office Interiors

While designing the layout of the office, we had to merge two offices into one. The heart of the office is its centralized work-station area. Designed in the combination of black and grey, with focused lighting for employees and enhanced by plantations on the sides, this area steals the show of the entire office.  For[Read More]

Creating A Harmony Between Space And Decor | Bt-Desiign By Bhavisha Thakur

Bathed in subtle sophistication, the living room is a beautifully designed space with exquisite contemporary interiors. Living rooms are used by everyone in the household. Therefore, this space had to be multi-purpose and functional above everything else, creating a harmony between space and decor. This space has ample seating, an entertainment unit and a dining[Read More]