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Posted On May 04, 2023

User-Friendly Design For Dr. Ranade’s Dental Clinic And Implant Centre In Thane | Pahi Asotech : Flash – Creative Works

As the designing architect, this was one project which needed a complete 3D visualization of the space only on the content of its discussion while it was yet conceptualising in...

Posted On January 20, 2020

 Motivating Nutrition Center  |  Tejas & Associates

Motivating Nutrition Center  |  Tejas & Associates This motivating nutrition and dietetics center provides people the nutrition expertise and health care service for a better way of living. Therefore, it was...

Posted On September 05, 2018

Why It Is Important For Elders To Move Into Retirement Communities

Why It Is Important For Elders This can sometimes be difficult to achieve in a typical community and may require a community of like-minded residents. Elders need care and space...