Motivating Nutrition Center  |  Tejas & Associates

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Motivating Nutrition Center  |  Tejas & Associates

This motivating nutrition and dietetics center provides people the nutrition expertise and health care service for a better way of living. Therefore, it was extremely vital for the office interior to reflect on the impact of nature on our wellbeing. Various factors affect an individual’s health and happiness. So, an effort is made to inspire and provide the best solutions to the clients for the same. The overall environment seeks to implement motivating design strategies to promote the consumption of healthy food, required supplements and even perform some physical activity. It is highly commendable how gracefully such an objective is accomplished through dedicated design strategies.

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As soon as one enters the huge foyer they see the reception desk right in the front of themselves. The elegant desk has got patterns of leaves on them encouraging the herbal life. The contemporary style office looks very modern and trendy with an efficient working system. The clever color techniques, furniture arrangement, and smart lighting system are done in a way that makes the interiors seem much more spacious than they are. Pinewood material has been used for the exquisite flooring in this area. The use of white is emphasized to solve the above purpose. The warmth and glow of the wooden finishes used for the frames, ceiling and elevations blends well with the natural theme picked for the place. One of the corners has been turned into a cabin space for the informal discussions and briefing of the products. A small waiting area is allocated near the cabin mentioned above. The pendant lights hanging everywhere in black metal are used in multiples to add soft illumination to space. The exposed ceiling maintains the rawness of the place. One can even notice the linear pendant lights mingling brilliantly with the subtle minimalistic outlook. The interesting display shelf with multiple stacks of racks is used to display the herbal products and some added greens with some motivational quotes in between keeping the spirit of the place. The irresistible wooden stool made up of solid wood logs is a piece of fine craftsmanship that enlightens the waiting area. The glass partitions as well make the small space feel open and larger with the perks of sound reduction while creating privacy within an open office area. These tinted partitions possess evident black frames going with the lingo of the office. The indoor ornamental plants help you work better and boost the healing process.


Two private cabins allocate a comfortable space for formal meetings, isolated brainstorming and socializing without getting distracted. The gray brick wall highlighted creates a classy, unique and quirky sight for the visitors. This wall fuses deftly with the gray wood floor which results in a cool and soothing domain. The stylish wooden tabletop is a delectable amalgamation of timeless and chic décor. The hanging light transforms the ambiance of the office with added sophisticated appeal. The iconic chairs represent the playful functionality as well as flaunts a certain character to space.

With the wealth of nutrition, this place even offers you a fitness center and gymnasium to perform the requisite physical activities. It’s an unmissable part of such a club. The main types of equipment cater to fitness for all users with different training preferences. The roll down shades lets you resist the harsh glare of the sun during the day time with the anti-transparent fiber used. The projector with the big screen is also placed for presentations to take place in the same room as and when needed. The purposeful storage given clears up space and settles the aim. This small fitness club makes people aware of nourishment, health and further leading an improved life close to nature.


Architectural Firm :- Tejas & Associates

Project Name:- Get In Shape (nutrition center)

Project Location:- Solapur, Maharashtra

Project Size :- 1800 sq.ft.

Principal Architect:- Ar. Tejas Kore

Project Year:- 2019

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