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Posted On May 29, 2019

HAMRIK adorns a boutique hotel & Michelin-star restaurant in Prague, experience HAMRIK now in India

HAMRIK brings unprecedented quality and a touch of luxury to its hospitality projects, one of the latest inclusions to this Czech lighting pioneer`s wide portfolio is the boutique hotel&restaurant PALOMA,...

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Posted On October 15, 2018

12 of Our Favorite Life Hacks

In our busy urban life, it is okay sometimes to fall behind, become overwhelmed with housework and chores. And of all major household worries, organizing closets and storage areas are...

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Posted On September 24, 2018

5 Simple Tips for Furnace Inspection

5 Simple Tips for Furnace Inspection Fall brings with it cooler temperatures and the time for furnaces everywhere to be turned on. It is a good idea to inspect your...

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