Tips on hiring a handyman in Singapore

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Finding a handyman in a city like Singapore is not a cup of tea. A lot of homeowners need to hire a handyman for the maintenance of their home at least twice a year. But is a handyman always available at their doorstep? Or hiring a handyman is completely secured?

A handyman does various household chores for you and gets paid in return. They can do jobs like cleaning houses, repairing like plumbing, re-wiring, carpentry, fixing, and painting, gardening, and many more. Their skills vary from person to person. A handyman skilled just for gardening won’t do cleaning jobs in your house. You’ll have to hire another helper for the same.

Is hiring a good handyman in Singapore an easy task? Well, it’s not. But there are some tips that you must follow while hiring a handyman in a city like Singapore. It’s convenient and safe.

  • Make a list

Not every handyman will possess every skill that you think are necessary for your house. They are usually meant for smaller jobs or one-time jobs. If you want to hire someone with more than three or four skills, that’d prove to be highly pricy for you.


It’s better to make a detailed list of what you exactly need a helper to do. If you just want a gardener, you’ll just have to hire a professional who’s familiar with gardening, flowering, and watering the plants. If you want someone to do your laundry, choose someone who suits this skill to save your time and money.

  • Find references

Can’t trust anyone with your house? It’s better to hire a handyman who is trustworthy and passionate about his work. You may have heard terrible stories of fraud handymen and you’re afraid that might happen to you as well. The best way to find a trustworthy helper is to find one by referrals.

Enquire about some good handymen from your neighbors, family, and friends to check if they know about someone who left a good impression on them. A known handyman is always better than an unknown worker.

  • Insurance and License papers

A handyman in Singapore will work professionally. They always apply for a license and do all the necessary paperwork needed to apply for commercial services. It provides a huge benefit to the people as they’d be hiring a professional for their work.

It’s wise to check for their insurance and license before hiring them. Many handyman companies in Singapore provide professionals to their customers. They are medically sound but if they ever get injured while working, the companies pay their medical bills.

  • Payment and Pricing

You’re not always sure of how much the repair work will cost to you. If you have a clogged drain or you need room to be painted, you don’t know what will be the estimate of the final result. A crooked handyman will give you a verbal price before and when the time for payment comes, he’ll raise the price higher than the verbal estimation.

A good handyman company in Singapore will help you find the right handyman for your tasks and not an unprofessional. Although, it’s safe to determine an estimated price before commencing the task and you can choose according to your budget.

  • A contract in written

Handymen in Singapore are not easily found and once people get them, they don’t want to lose them at any cost. It’s better to hire a handyman from a reputed company or someone based on good recommendations. If you hire someone from a company, they’ll be willing to put all the terms and conditions in a contract and sign it before you.

If someone is trustworthy, they’ll agree to a contract in writing. If they are not ready to sign a contract, you know something is wrong. This, however, is needed if you need a handyman for bigger and delicate jobs like taking care of a baby. For smaller jobs, a contract is generally avoided.


Hiring a handyman proves to be very useful for smaller jobs like plumbing, cooking, cleaning, fixing wires, and much more. Hiring a handyman in Singapore is just a call away. There are big and reputed companies that help you find a professional helper for your ease.

You need to check for their license and security before hiring them as they’ll get access to your home and if they are trustworthy, you need not worry at all.

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