Best Tips to Buying Engineered Wood Flooring

Wooden flooring gives a classy look to your home and adds to the home decor. But you really need to be choosy in selecting the wooden floor. The engineered wooden floor is highly fit for use due to its layered structure. It offers good resistance to humidity and temperature. Apart from this fact you also[Read More]

Modern Art Deco Apartment Interiors | MuseLAB

Modern Art Deco Apartment Interiors | MuseLAB MuseLAB is an end-to-end design studio; offering a bespoke and leading-edge approach to design with a precise focus on unique and highly customized environments, interiors and furniture. Each space and or product embodies integrity and is created with the same care, skill and attention to detail. One such example[Read More]

Interlocking Stone

The rounded, soft tones fading into the twilight, the sun sets behind a cobbled path twisting off into the distance. On closer inspection, the path is a multicolored array of black, reddish, white and brown stones sealed in an inconspicuous grout. An old, rustic look with the convenience of a modern non-slip finish. Interlocking stone[Read More]

8 Tips for Laminate Flooring in 2018

8 Tips for Laminate Flooring in 2018 Laminate flooring is a reasonably new type of flooring available all over the world that has only been used over the last half-century. Laminate flooring is multi-layer synthetic flooring made of pressed materials like melamine resin and fiberboard materials. There is a protective layer on top that gives[Read More]

Going Wise With Tile Floorings

Irrespective of whichever flooring you choose for your home, it requires a regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid any type of wear and tear. Also the shine and gloss of the floor is maintained.  Most homeowners with any type of floors prefer cleaning their floors by themselves. Usually, no professional help is taken for residential[Read More]

Things to consider when purchasing granite tile

Things to consider when purchasing granite tile Granite is composed of several minerals such as quartz, silica, mica, obsidian and feldspar. People like to opt for granite due to its’ beauty. Slabs of granite consist of unique crystals, colour variations and depth. The stone is famous worldwide because it never loses its colour and brilliance.[Read More]

Make Interiors Iconic With Mandala Art

Make Interiors Iconic With Mandala art form Buddhism and Hinduism introduced the world to the delicately detailed beauty of Mandala art – the intricate illustrations that symbolise the universe. Atrafloor has been inspired by this incredibly influential symbol to create a calming collection of Mandala pattern flooring designs. Universal Design Featuring labyrinth-like geometric patterns, a Mandala (मण्डल) is a piece[Read More]

Vinyl Flooring Collection that is biggest 2017 trends

Vinyl Flooring Collection that is biggest 2017 trends Marble Meets Modern Fresh Faux Marble Atrafloor Collection Marching on with its immense popularity from last year, Marble has been forecasted by Vogue, Pinterest and more as one of the biggest and best interior design trends of 2017. The chic, classy style of the mineral medley that is Marble has[Read More]