Ideas for a Family Entertainment Room

If you have enough space, creating a family entertainment room is a fantastic way to bring the family together. It develops close relations which will encourage your kids to communicate with you more. Family unity is desirable within families, but it can be hard to achieve, especially as the kids get older and begin to[Read More]

How to Use Video Walls to Make Your Home More Entertainment-Friendly

Essentially, a video wall is a combination of screens joined together to make one enormous display. Modern video wall display systems incorporate LCD, back projection, and laser displays. It engages a broad audience, from film lovers to artists and gamers. Video walls can make your home more impressive leaving space for vast loads of creativity[Read More]

Tea Villa Cafe : Experiencing A Space Amidst Nature | Rust The Design Studio

Tea Villa Cafe: Experiencing A Space Amidst Nature | Rust The Design Studio Water flowing down to a stone wall welcomes us with gushing sound, transporting us to the designer’s imagination of space amidst nature. The backlit signage on the water wall enables it to attract everyone’s attention with the light and sound, at the same[Read More]

5 Things to Consider When Creating a Game Room

Game rooms are excellent spaces for enjoying leisure activities, including playing games, watching movies, and spending valuable time with family and friends. Guarantee you build a game room perfect for entertainment by evaluating your home, creating a budget, and purchasing quality furniture and games. Here are 5 things to consider when creating a game room:[Read More]