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Posted On October 22, 2021

60 Spectacular TV Unit Design Ideas Which Surely Will Inspire You.

Large variety of TV unit Designs for residence as well as apartment designs starting from Contemporary, Modern, Scandinavian to inspire you and to acknowledge how to design the unit according...

Posted On October 16, 2021

All about Tennis Court Construction

Today, tennis is widespread all over the world. It is also played by thousands of people across Canada. Due to its popularity, tennis courts are being established in both residential...

Posted On April 06, 2021

Ideas for a Family Entertainment Room

If you have enough space, creating a family entertainment room is a fantastic way to bring the family together. It develops close relations which will encourage your kids to communicate...

Posted On January 21, 2021

How to Use Video Walls to Make Your Home More Entertainment-Friendly

Essentially, a video wall is a combination of screens joined together to make one enormous display. Modern video wall display systems incorporate LCD, back projection, and laser displays. It engages...

  • Posted On December 26, 2020

    Tea Villa Cafe : Experiencing A Space Amidst Nature | Rust The Design Studio

    Tea Villa Cafe: Experiencing A Space Amidst Nature | Rust The Design Studio Water flowing down to a stone wall welcomes us with gushing sound, transporting us to the designer’s imagination...

    Posted On December 02, 2020

    5 Things to Consider When Creating a Game Room

    Game rooms are excellent spaces for enjoying leisure activities, including playing games, watching movies, and spending valuable time with family and friends. Guarantee you build a game room perfect for...

    Posted On August 22, 2020

    Repairing Architectural Issues in Famous Movies and TV

    Although movies and TV shows certainly don’t always get things quite right, there are certainly areas where they do. There are many architectural issues you may see in movies and...