Tea Villa Cafe : Experiencing A Space Amidst Nature | Rust The Design Studio

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Tea Villa Cafe: Experiencing A Space Amidst Nature | Rust The Design Studio

Water flowing down to a stone wall welcomes us with gushing sound, transporting us to the designer’s imagination of space amidst nature. The backlit signage on the water wall enables it to attract everyone’s attention with the light and sound, at the same time it helps to provide privacy from inside and curiosity from outside. The play of levels and platforms articulated through the entrance and culminates into various connecting pathways. Each pathway is very carefully developed with a selective plantation, just the right amount of light and stone patterns to guide through.

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The office near the entrance has separate small entry way. A rustic yet elegant style has been adopted for the work space. Cobalt stone has been used in a way that reflects rawness of the natural material. A small work station has been given which overlooks to the main entrance partially. A swing has been incorporated with the sitting giving it an informal, warm touch.

An amphitheatre and waiting space is developed in a large section of the site overlooking the greens. This space has been planned for live performances, concerts and other entertainment activities which draws the attention of the visitors while waiting .

Fixed styled sitting units are made with the use of ropes was an inspiration of traditional charpai. Here people can unwind and enjoy the bliss of nature. The stone grit wall provides for the section to be separated from the rest of the space. A section of wall along the passage is converted into the feature wall for the youngsters to pose with their phones. The passage culminates in the indoor restaurant. The juxtaposition of spaces has been planned in such a way that each space opens out to the planted green areas. All spaces feel part of the green patch.

A water body with free flowing water , fire and greens greets one As they enter the indoor restaurant. The whole idea was to infuse the elements of nature in the space  I.e. water, fire, earth.Made in black granite it stands out from the rest of the floor spaces. Cups, soccer and kettles are customised as a hanging display above the water body. An even floor is achieved with help of kota stone. The layout is designed in such a way that all the tables get a view of the outdoors. The customised hanging lights by a designer used to lit the whole space.The theme is continued on another wall with the use of exquisite collection of kettle as display elements, the greens have been added to it further..

One wall has been treated with a pop of turquoise colour which is made out of different patterns of wire mesh giving the whole space a vibrant look. This establishes that to achieve a grandeur you don’t need to have expensive materials, even usual materials can also work if we use them creatively. The cafeteria has been made using a canopy structure; the front table makes up the statement with the whole length treated with broken cups and soccers embedded on it. Hanging fabricated units having a different types of collectives has its own charm. 

Along the pathways in our designer’s forest one would also encounter a forlorn car with vegetation grown all over it, making one think of the story behind it. The whole journey has been thought of as a story and the experience designed to become one’s journey. Each time one comes here, there are sure to carry a different experience with them, making this a multi-visit space.

Along the entry pathway, there is a row of palms which has been planned to provide a strong volumetric connection between a built form and Mother Nature. We have planned it for future expansion. This linear pathway defined by palms leads us to a fascinating wall featuring birdhouses, metal gears and wall-hung plants. 

The outdoor Sit outs are the life of this wonderful space. They offer magnificent views while enjoying a meal, each sit out is surrounded by dense plantation and elements, lending them privacy from one another. Levels planned tactfully add to the drama. Fabricated canopy like structure mimicking the branching structure of the tree defines each at out. This whole space has been covered with a compound wall made out of metal and wire mesh which is filled with local stone grit. It illuminated well with indirect lighting. Varied flooring of bricks, Kota, stone grit defines spaces. The furniture is designed in such a way that it is sturdy and light weighted as needed for outdoor spaces in public. The metal chairs are customised to have different pattern and colour , it also gives a sense of play and drama within all elements.

The banquet, kitchen and service areas are tucked at the rear of the site following the theme of nature inspired spaces; the banquet hall too has a kota stone flooring laid carefully. Wooden ceiling lends a rustic touch to the space. Acoustics have been taken care of. A separate rear entry allows for better hustle free arrangements.


Natural stone like slat stone, cobble stone, Kotastone , granite , Mandana red stone, Stone Grit, Recycle Wood, Fire Brick, Veneer, Laminate, Metal, Wire Mesh, Fabric


Firm: Rust : The Design Studio

Project Type: Cafeteria

Project Name: The Tea Villa Cafe

Location: Rajkot, Gujarat

Year completion: 2019

Size: 27000 sq.ft.

Project Cost appx: 3 cr.

Cost/sq.ft. : 1111 / sqft

Principal Designer: Mitesh Antala

Website: http://rustdesign.in/

Facebook: RUST The Design Studio

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miteshantala/?hl=en

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