The Breathing Courtyard | Studio Plexus

The Breathing Courtyard | Studio Plexus Studio PLEXUS is a multidisciplinary firm which deals in architecture, interior design and landscape. Founded in 2018 by Ar. Aniket Kulkarni, Studio Plexus believes in designing, reinventing and transforming living spaces to re-connect architecture with nature, through optimum use of space, natural materials, light and landscape. Cumulative overlay of multiple[Read More]

Residential Villa In Jodhpur Designed According To Vastu Compliant | Abraham John Architects

  Residential villa in Jodhpur designed according to Vastu Compliant | Abraham John Architects The challenge of designing a residential villa in Jodhpur was trifold: extreme climate, small footprint, and a large project brief. The house also needed to be and is Vastu compliant – conforming with the ancient Indian design principles regarding space, sunlight, flow, and function. Architects: Abraham[Read More]

Palm Courtyard House|Dada & Partners

Palm Courtyard House|Dada & Partners    The residence was to be designed for a couple and two daughters, which provided generous comfort and luxury, yet sat in the tranquil landscape of almost three acres. As the site is shared between two other houses already built, designing the home in a manner that enjoys the landscape[Read More]

House with Courtyards | LIJO RENY architects

 House with Courtyards | LIJO RENY architects This project seemed like an Architect’s dream at first but upon closer understanding, of the site and the brief, revealed its complex nature. The seemingly large plot of 2.45 acres, populated with a variety of trees – small and large, was to be shared between the client and[Read More]

Top 10 Courtyard House In India

Top 10 Courtyard House In India The courtyard itself means the heart of the house, which connects all spaces of the house. It makes the space more breathable allowing the light to penetrate inside the house, it becomes a relaxing space for some and plays area for the others. The courtyard is not a just[Read More]