Luxe Duplex Apartment Imparts Comfort and Convenience | Creative Geometry

Luxe Duplex Apartment Imparts Comfort and Convenience | Creative Geometry This project was really exciting for us as the client wanted a modern French/European kind  of styling for her apartment. Our design team set about the design of this plush duplex never moving away from that expression that is imbued in the loose/fixed furniture in[Read More]

How To Transform Your Guest Bedroom Into A Great Sleeping Space

Your immediate environment affects your quality of sleep, and the same is true for guests staying at your house. Not being able to enjoy their sleep dampens your guests’ experience of visiting your home, so it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure that guests are well catered to when inside their rooms.  [Read More]

Selecting the Best Quilt Cover to Improve One’s Comfort

The bedroom is like a hiding place from the world and where can rest, relax, and have fun. Thus, it needs to be very comfortable. One can arrange the room with pieces of stuff they like to suit their taste. Quilt covers are one of the important things to purchase when getting beddings. Initially, people[Read More]


SIMPLE APARTMENT DESIGN | VINAYAK CONSULTANTS It is fortunate to have a client who trusts you enough to give a free hand and lets you bring your imagination into reality. The apartment is designed with a concept of simplicity, elegance combined with luxury and comfort. It is a blend of natural walnut veneer combining with white[Read More]