How to create comfort in a small apartment?

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Tenants of a rented room or their two-bedroom apartment – in short, any housing – face the same problems. Steve O’Neil, a writer who provides help with writing for students, learned from the experts to find out how to solve these problems and create comfort in a small apartment.

Cramped quarters are the bane of standard housing. Mainly if the square meters available are inhabited by many people of different ages and interests, you can lose heart and accept it: what kind of “interior design” is there, if only there were enough space to squeeze in the necessary furniture? And you can create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, improve the quality of life and make the space work to the maximum.

First of all, you need to eliminate unnecessary things that spoil the apartment’s look with their appearance, quantity, and poor compatibility with each other. Create a clean background on which you are going to build a thematic or stylistic composition.

Your main task is not to clutter up the small interior. Do not buy all the new things “under the idea” at once, collect them over time, supplement the interior, bring from trips – furnish the house gradually. 

In a small apartment, small items look good. But it’s important that their number is not distracting to the eye and that the items were in proportion to the space. In a small Apartments for rent in Abilene, create a cozy table lamp (with adjustable lighting), cushions on the couch, carpet on the floor (rather than carpet), scented candles, small tables that can be moved to any chair and create a cozy space in a particular place.

Try to implement in your interior tricks – visual techniques that help make the room higher or wider and correct its shape. You can hang a mirror in front of the window, and then the natural light will fill the space more deeply. If the ceilings are not very high, you can use them at the junction of the walls and ceiling, and as if to infuse it into the top, then it will not be a visible shadow from the corner and get a smooth transition from wall to ceiling.

If you are planning a small apartment from scratch, you first need to solve storing things. Do not buy freestanding cabinets. Try to build in everything you can. Make closets to the ceiling. And so that the walls with built-in cabinets do not break the room into many colored rectangles (it visually reduces the space), be careful in choosing a color scheme. Sliding doors into the walls are convenient and a great way to save space.

Of great importance is the location and size of the mirrors. Many believe that a mirror, placed anywhere in the room, visually expands the space. The mirror can also complicate the area, distort it and make it uncomfortable. This is especially true for fully mirrored partitions.

When decorating any room, it is crucial to consider the scale. In a small apartment, choose furniture that corresponds to the dimensions of the chamber space.

Of course, a modern person, burdened with many things, requires capacious cabinets in large quantities. For small apartments, all cabinets are better to do light shades with smooth (can be mirrored) fronts. And the emphasis should be made on freestanding furniture – elegant chairs, a beautiful mirror, a decorative table, an unusual floor lamp. The main things should be small items.

The same applies to decoration. As the entire decorative part will be viewed from a short distance, the quality of objects will be higher. Engravings, drawings of plants and herbaria (you can make it yourself), and porcelain collections on a shallow shelf will fit nicely in small apartments.