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Posted On July 03, 2023

Luxurious Interior Design, Warm Tones and Subtle Elements Enhance this House | De’ Caves By Chitte Architects

Green Leaf Regalia, a Project by Vraj Group, is the outcome of an unique approach in terms of design and appropriate consideration of the client’s needs, their desires and comforting...

Posted On January 11, 2023

This Apartment Embraces Modernism With A Hint Of Traditional Motifs | De’ Caves By Chitte Architects

This Baroda home is a haven of modern and traditional values. A pure reflection to the modern Indian times, this apartment embraces modernism with a hint of traditional motifs. The...

Posted On November 10, 2022

A Weekend Home Reflecting Modernism And Minimalism | DE’ CAVES BY CHITTE ARCHITECTS

‘Floating Boxes’ is a weekend home reflecting modernism and minimalism, located on the outskirts of Vadodara city in Gujarat. The weekend house gives its residents the chance to escape from...