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Posted On September 21, 2023

This Residence is a Perfect Balance between Public and Private Spaces | Abhay Pise & Associates

Editor’s Note: Brimming with the modern and aesthetical values, there is a simplicity in the cubic structure of this residence. The stacked symphony is ardent about its versatility. With a...

Posted On July 27, 2023

This Lavish Apartment has Neutral Aesthetics with Individual Character | Space Studio

This classic 5BHK apartment is located in very well known area of Ahmedabad, and belongs to a businessman and his family. This lavish apartment has neutral aesthetics with individual character...

Posted On January 24, 2023

A Luxurious Home With Classical Design | architecture aNew

Our peripatetic client desired authentic & grand interiors and exteriors of the house for the nuclear family. Interested in floristry of European style, he absolutely refused to modern design. Family...

Posted On December 30, 2022

Ripples Of Sustainability, Echoing Biophilic Architecture In The Urbane Settings | Manoj Singhal & Associates

An abode, drawing an organic demeanor underlined with ample of nature within, is this humongous home residing in the prime area of Kolkata, West Bengal. Unveiling ‘An Amalgam Abode’ sprawled...

  • Posted On March 09, 2022

    Café Design that Uses Contemporary Mediterranean Ambience and Industrial Décor | Projected Rays Design

    Brew estate Mohali, a chic cafe design is an atmospheric sequence of spaces inspired by old pubs and night clubs on lower floor whereas the terrace flips into a Mediterranean...

    Posted On February 09, 2022

    Distinguished Character of Neo-Classical Architecture | Prime City Spaces

    Abode of Neoclassical architecture, an affair between grandeur and simplicity, in the heart of the city, recites the residence. Hugely inspired by neo-classical architecture, embracing the tradition and formality as...

    Posted On November 20, 2021

    This Upscale Pub in Bangalore has Two Different Characters : Roman Architecture and Artistic – Suzy Q | Maze Concept

    Sipping your favorite beverages and grooving to the DJ, surrounded by the grandeur of Roman architecture brings a spirit of camaraderie among locals and design lovers, alike. The faux-stained lime...