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    Abode of Neoclassical architecture, an affair between grandeur and simplicity, in the heart of the city, recites the residence. Hugely inspired by neo-classical architecture, embracing the tradition and formality as much as the barefoot elegance of days past. puts greater emphasis on the wall than the light and shadows created by extruding and sunken structural elements, and each of its parts maintains its own identity.

    Distinguished Character of Neo-Classical Architecture | Prime City Spaces

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    For us, it was imperative to mix modern elements and neoclassical architecture, that meant veering away from the usual and rooting into classical direction. “we kept the classical tradition in the house alive, using a lot of rich inlays, castings and jallis that technically would fit the clients brief and requirements”.

    As we go into the house, the entry experience is one of the main features of the home and neoclassical architecture, the main door with mother of pearl inlays gives a starter of what more of a surprise  is inside the house. one walks up into a magnificent amalgamation of modern and classical design, with traditional elements and modern aesthetics, complementing the spacious rooms with patterns in and around the house with ambient lighting.

     The ground floor of the house is filled with bright vibrant colors, large elongated window openings and classical elements. The space planning and orientation played an important role in the design of the house, as in to make the space look more grand.  The double heighted living room has huge chandeliers, traditional prints, wooden ceiling. the wood work inlays and little details made the place more intricate. the scale is so immense, but it could not have been anything less.

    The dinning area of the house is designed with earthy pallete, inlays and glaring wooden carved elements making it look more luxurious. the sunlight coming in from the backyard seems to light up the colours given in the dinning space.

    The upper floors are the family’s sanctums. Developed as a neutral shell, the objects in space take on bold prints and textures reflecting a cultural essence around the house. we have worked to enhance each and every space and elements that has been put into the design. the bedrooms were designed with utmost intricacy.

    As to complement the architecture, and satisfy the owner’s desire for a traditional décor, we used a garden palleted of yellows, corals, blues and greens, presented in a variety of plaids and florals. the colors and patterns are soft yet traditional. Blending seamlessly with the dark woods of the furniture.

    The bedrooms are an epitome of elegance with luxurious fabrics, lights, reflective surfaces and a soft colour palatte of gold, green, blue and grey tones. the wallapers that are used raise the essence of classical element in the design.

    The house has intricate details of neo-classical architecture; more like the 3d carved jhali’s crafted by the artisans of Rajasthan, which complement the wall fabric and furniture used in and around the house where each and every element compliments one an other.

    Though the project has its technical challenges, the end result is so flawless that the house looks perfectly integrated with the landscape. This home exemplifies fusion interiors and design sensibilities that reflect the homeowners’ personalities and lifestyle.

    Fact File

    Designed By: Prime City Spaces

    Typology: Residence Interior Design

    Project Name: Neo-Classical Abode

    Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

    Size: 9000 sq.ft.

    Built: 2021

    Duration: 3 Years

    Principal Architects: Pratiksha Prashanth and Abishek Raju

    Photography Credits: Ricken Desai

    Consultants for the Project

    Structure Engineer: Zaki and Associates

    Products and Materials: Wall Covering: Rock Kraft | Lighting: Rahul Lights | Sanitary ware: SM Marketing | Furniture: Colonial Collections | Flooring: Madhusudan Grani Marmo Pvt Ltd

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Prime City Spaces

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Prime City Spaces

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