A Luxurious Home With Classical Design | architecture aNew

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Our peripatetic client desired authentic & grand interiors and exteriors of the house for the nuclear family. Interested in floristry of European style, he absolutely refused to modern design. Family had a distant savor for specific rooms. Daughters desired a distinctive essence with clean & modern interiors for themselves and the couple desired for richly classical detailing. They called for a space of complete relaxation on the second floor which also included semi covered space including two sit outs with informal aesthetics. They preferred the whole imparting with Vaastu.

A Luxurious Home With Classical Design | architecture aNew

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In the pre-design phase, we interface with the client to learn about the plot of land and client’s wishes for the future building. An in-person site analysis gives the most accurate information about their desires. A part of it included discussions with the technical staff. Client previously shared photographs during their travels which have been inspired by European architecture. In the design development phase, a more realistic cost estimate will come into view so we handle it with the utmost degree of respect. The client’s complete family used to hold meetings with us, and our designs were mostly focused on their preferences including the surroundings.

The executive approach is always reviewed with the contractors, and design changes have been made in the event of complications. We regularly interacted with both the contractor and client. Never did the two parties get into a conflict. We shared our traveling experiences with the clients as well. As a result, they seemed to have no hard time understanding what our design concepts intended.

The design was kept at priority and effort was made to find a suitable execution team for detailing in woodwork, flooring, wall designing etc. So that all the effort made on paper and discussions among the client and architects is well materialized at site.

A home that epitomizes luxury in every way. The client desired a luxurious home with classical design. To provide visual order and a sense of movement equilibrium, the entrance is centered in relation to the facade. We pay particular attention to symmetry, the usage of columns, and the presence of rectangular windows. The house has a classically attractive appearance thanks to the custom self-designed railings, the terracotta jali on the front facade, and the intricacies of the columns.

Entrance :- Entrance way to the beautiful central atrium’s flashing entrance. The high roofed atrium serves two purposes: it separates the spaces into four zones and gives the enclosed rooms a refreshing break. The harmony of the elements set this residence apart from other homes. The house combines classic beauty with modern design. The flooring of Italian marble with an inlay pattern and, in particular, the carved walls with a golden outline make the entrance a work of art.

Main living room:- A massive, intricate mirror stand that serves as a focal point features distinctive details of sofas, chairs, and tables with metal and marble finishes, as a result, the area’s additional accessories should match.

Giving the space a classical appearance is the prominent wooden table with metal accents flanked on either side by matching armchairs and sitting.

The idea was to bring in harmony, balance and order. The stone and railing accents are crucial exterior elements, while cornices, columns, FRP jali, and tile cladding imitating the look of travertine stone are significant façade elements. The interiors on the ground floor have been given a classical look with decorative plaster Mouldings and floristry on the ceiling and walls.

A double height ceiling is the single most significant element of an architectural design. High ceilings offer a wide range of architectural options, making the ideal backdrop for high impact decor, from opulent chandeliers to dramatic surfaces, as shown by these ceiling light filled interiors.

Second floor:- In addition to being practical, the jali is also artistically lovely and produces stunning and intricate patterns of light and shadow on the surrounding surfaces, particularly the wall of the staircase. In a distinctive manner, it serves as a barrier between the staircase and the seating area.

The main wall’s stone cladding matches the flooring’s color scheme. With its elegance and simplicity, the interior enhances the atmosphere of the place.

Master Bedroom:- Interior decoration is classical. Essentially, flawless harmony, balance, and order are the focus of this design. It has a distinctive vibe and is authentic in design.

Master bathroom:- Every crevice and detail of this project exudes tenderness and magnificence. The plan was to create a stunning fusion of minimalism and cultural conservatism in interior design by illuminating the master bedroom with a straightforward color scheme and warm tone.

Daughter’s Room:- The floor is made of grey parquet with a herringbone pattern. It turns into the ‘Shades of Grey’ theme’s primary key. The contrast between the hues of pink and brown produces stunning highlights that complement the contemporary interior design’s ambiance of serenity and elegance.

Daughter’s bathroom:- The custom designed vanity and the mirror add just the right touch of whimsy and compliment the ceramic monochromic tied background. The tile pattern adds movement to this bathroom design.

Terrace acquires the party zone with the specifications of wooden finishing and flamboyant colors with floral-patterned tiles to be in sync with the jacuzzi pool and the wooden decking and seating.

This particular area brings magnificent and sensual ambience. The role is to design a new system that allows inhabitants to have greater relationships with both architecture and nature. The space is intended for both socializing and lounging.

It has a terracotta jali that blocks the view from the sides, giving the area some solitude while keeping it open to the sky. Where the pergola is the central component.


Designed by : architecture aNew

Project Type : Residence

Project Name : Residence for Mr. Ranjeev Dahuja [Owner of Berkley motors]

Location : #76, sector 7 Panchkula

Year Built : December 2022

Duration of project : 2 years

Plot Area : 2 Kanal [1000 sq.yard ]

Project Cost Appx : 5 crores

Principal Architects : Ar. Amrit Panwar & Ar. Satish Panwar

Team Design Credits : Ar. Amrit Panwar, Ar. Satish Panwar, Raman, Ujjwal Mittal & Pratuyal Chaudhary

Photograph Courtesy : architecture aNew

Products/Materials/Vendors : Wallcovering / Cladding – HPL greenlam / Lighting – Jaquar / Doors and Partitions – wooden / Sanitaryware – Jaquar, Fima Carlo Frattni / Windows –wooden / Furniture- wooden Flooring- Italian Marble / Kitchen – modular, Hafele / Paint –Asian / Hardware –Dorset.

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