Luxury Tropical Paradise Done Tastefully adorned with Bold Motifs | Krsnaa Mehta

Vrindavan Awas is a beautiful luxury home offering the comfort and serenity of the modern world alongside the charm of a tropical paradise. The personal design objective of the house is what makes it unique. Krsnaa Mehta often speaks about his inspiration for his decor and how it comes from the diverse flora, fauna and[Read More]

Le Tranquil : Modern Minimalist House of Tropical Architecture | Studio WhiteScape

Instinctive acceptance of towering cubical structures is now shifting to welcome contextual familiarity, respecting their own guidelines and expressive architecture. The inspiration from traditional architecture of Pondicherry with contemporary aesthetics and expressions sought to achieve harmony between the architecture of Le Tranquil and tropical nature creating modern minimalist house. The foreground features of concrete, wood[Read More]