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Posted On March 28, 2024

This Authentic Andhra Restaurant Redefines The Gastronomic Landscape | Sona Reddy Studio

This authentic Andhra restaurant redefines the gastronomic landscape by seamlessly blending the past and present. Telugu Medium, a hospitality venture spanning 5,200 square feet, nestles in the leafy urban enclave...

Posted On March 02, 2024

An Indian Contemporary Home with A Rustic Chic Vibe | K. N. Associates

Step back into a rustic chic space where calm vibes and familiar materials cease the city hum-drum and embrace you in a peacefully positive aura. A balanced use of color,...

Posted On July 19, 2023

Warm, Breezy and Monochromatic Tones Outlines this Residence with Luxe | Ritesh Shah & Associates

Located in Bhuj, Kutch, warm, breezy and monochromatic tones outlines this residence with luxe. The project of Mehta Residence came with a challenge of settling all the requirements of the...

Posted On June 10, 2022

A Modern Design Residence that Perfectly Aligns with the Philosophy of Contemporary Living | The Space Story Architects & Designers

The ideology behind designing this modern design bungalow was to offer clients contemporary living wrapped in warm textured minimalist interiors. 5 bedrooms, hall, kitchen, dining, mandir along  with a gathering...