Earthy tan admirably holding a Visual Interaction of Sorts | We Create

This 2700 Sq.ft contemporary residence, home to a family of six, is located overlooking the Brahmaputra River in Guwahati. It was designed over an elaborate period of 3 months by We Create. An earthy tan, cream, grey and green color palette, as well as the use of wood, stone, marble and Glass, admirably hold together[Read More]

Residential Design Playing Meticulously with the Volumes | Studio8055

This residential design plot area is 3600 Sq.ft. which is located in (Miryalaguda) surrounded by, apartment, residences on adjoining sides and is accessed from the east & north. The façade is flanked by dead walls and open terraces at different levels to cut the direct entry of sunlight thus acting as buffer for the main[Read More]

Unique Statement of Traditional Architecture Style in the Rural Context : Aham | i2a Architects Studio

Traditional architecture style that is designed to touch the Soul. This 2800 Sq.ft house creates an environment that helps one to open up into the stillness within, thus helping the user to experience a truer beauty, function, and meaning to the space. Aham stands beautifully in the middle of lush greenery and mesmerizing natural beauty[Read More]

Merging Rooted Indian Heritage and a Contemporary Guesthouse | Studio Skapa Architects

Studio Skapa Architects transforms a derelict Bangalore penthouse into a contemporary guesthouse immersed in Tropical Modernism, merging rooted Indian heritage and a contemporary persona into one. The thresholds amidst the past and present blur away with abandon, tipping its hat to the reimagined union amidst traditions and contemporary sensibilities. The Heritage Sojourn Home rests in[Read More]

Modern Workspace Design that Fuses Classic Design Elements and Rustic Feel | Acacia Creatives 

When Kartik Prajapati and his business partner Kishan Patel bought a new modern workspace to move their working IT business in Ahmedabad. We were called to design their new space. The empty triangular approx. 1000 Sq.ft space was situated on the 3rd floor of the complex named “Swanik arcade” in Naranpura area of Ahmedabad. Modern[Read More]

Mashrabiya – Marrying Traditional family values of Togetherness with Architectural Framework | FORM Design Studio

Form Design Studio designed a architectural bungalow in Indore which marries traditional family values of togetherness with its architectural shell. Mashrabiya – Marrying Traditional family values of Togetherness with Architectural Framework | FORM Design Studio Visit: FORM Design Studio Houses that are homes, filled with a sense of freedom, of movement and light, a sense[Read More]

Playfully Illustrated Play Room Design with Whimsical Palette | Frolik+Co

Steering clear of kitsch that is usually associated with ‘Made in India’ tag, this fancy little play room Design was brought to fruition by the efforts of Frolik+Co team. Frolik+Co had been established to read the minds of the young, growing minds and give them a quirky, yet peaceful space to explore and experiment. Playfully[Read More]

Home Office with Sophistication of British Influence and Bespoke Luxury | Studio 101

To create a home office space that would radiate a polished vibe with a hint of eclectic elements that would lend the homely feeling to the space required in a ‘Home’ Office. Use of monochromatic palettes is our hallmark and is Cleary visible in all the areas. The presence of colours is through accent pieces[Read More]

Minimalistic Design that Oozes of Warmth & Coziness | Fx3Designs

Washed in simple and minimalistic design is this 3 Bedroom apartment at Koorkenchery, Thrissur. When Mr & Mrs Rajesh approached us for designing of their space, their brief was to keep their home light & airy. Minimalistic Design that Oozes of Warmth & Coziness | Fx3Designs Visit: Fx3Designs Both their daughters also had their design[Read More]

Experiential Retail Design Embellished with Simplicity | Portal 92

In an era fueled by the imperative quest for identity, the cultural phenomenon of fashion can be interpreted as a tool for proclamation of individuality, empowering individuals to diversely sculpt their identities. Quintessentially Indian in its roots, KoAi, is Anugrah Chandra’s label of elevated essentials paying homage to Rajasthan’s traditional retail design hand block printing[Read More]