AAYI House | Collage Architecture Studio

Aayi House is the Marathi term for mother. Aayi is an attempt to create a timeless-looking Goan home, built as a tribute to the client’s parents. The project embodies the brief of being contemporary and minimalistic while being in harmony with the countryside context of the site. The site is a corner plot bound by a village road on[Read More]

Apartment Interiors Designed In Glamorous Yet Contemporary Style | VINAY AND RASHMI

‘Vinay and Rashmi’ as a studio believes in the concept of “God is in the details”. Every minute detail contributes to the beauty of the space. The lighting, color and texture in the house is designed according to the emotions a space witnesses. Apartment Interiors Designed In Glamorous Yet Contemporary Style | VINAY AND RASHMI[Read More]

Neutral Tones Form A Bold, Tasteful And Elegant Space | STUDIO JANE

Sprawling around 2300 sq ft of area, this home for a family of 5 is underpinned by cohesive weaving of discrete characters. The space is characterized by an uber luxurious living area with few handpicked statement art pieces. As we enter the house, herringbone patterned flooring welcomes us into a visually open and grand living[Read More]

Contemporary Modern House With Ample Natural Light And Ventilation | ARCHITECTURE NARRATIVES
Modern House

The tanzanite house is situated in the coastal area of Cherthala. Due to its proximity to the sea, the site has sandy soil with minimum vegetation, open to the harshness of the sun. The brief was to build a simple contemporary modern house with ample natural light and ventilation. The house was envisioned as a[Read More]

Beautiful And Inward Looking Apartment House Interior | SEZA Architects & Interior Designers

The apartment is about creating a beautiful yet inward looking home. We provided the entry to the home at the middle level, where one enters the home through an entrance lobby that in turn reveals the social spaces (the living room, the dining room & the den). At the same level we also have a[Read More]

Play Of Solids And Voids Creates Openness and Privacy In This Contemporary Residence | Charged Voids

Multiple solids and voids juxtapose to create segmented layers of privacy and openness at Residence 145. Sited on a plot with challenging zoning and height restrictions in southern Chandigarh, Residence 145 is a play on the fundamentals of urban residential design. Conceptualised by Charged Voids for three generations of a family, the layout of the[Read More]

Kothari House proves Monochrome is an Unparalleled Luxury & Sophistication | Studio Jane Designs

This unparalleled luxury studio apartment was designed for a head-over-heels-in-love, warm-hearted couple in their late 60s. Spread across 1120 sq ft, this house is featured with a wee bit of zen and a splash of colours on a monochromatic palette. Originally a 3BHK, this house was converted to a 2BHK where the master bedroom was[Read More]

Magnet Co-work: Dynamic Color Palette with an Industrial Design Aesthetic | Architect Suri and Associates

Magnet Cowork is designed to create an interactive working and communal space for its users within a compact envelope. An industrial design space enables a collaborative learning atmosphere which further gives the Architect more scope for designing social interaction zones, here these zones are created with the help of a mezzanine and volumetric play of[Read More]

An Art Deco Home reminiscing its Prolific Ornamentations and Sweet-Tempered Ambience | Annkur Khosla Design Studio

This project brief required the designer to do the interiors of the fifth floor of Sunshine Apartments, in South Bombay. The building was constructed in the 1920s and the theme of Art Deco resonates through it. Hence, the house was re-designed in an art deco home style while keeping it at its functional best for[Read More]

Embracing Modern Architecture with Selectively Classic Design Elements | Prateek Sethi Design Associates 

The house is a meeting exercise between sober modern architecture hereditary of the simple translucent In communion. On the other hand, the project identity is suggested by local materials that pull towards the traditional and autochthonous escaping the mainstream.  Embracing Modern Architecture with Selectively Classic Design Elements | Prateek Sethi Design Associates  Visit: Prateek Sethi[Read More]