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Posted On February 24, 2023

“The Wanderlust Villa” Captures The Clients’ Adventurous Spirit Through Insightful Interior Design & Architecture | Studio Bipolar

Designed for a family who are well travelled and take great pride in their adventures, “The Wanderlust Villa” captures the clients’ adventurous spirit through insightful interior design & architecture. Be it an Irish bar, a Moroccan riad, or even a 60’s style home theatre, Studio Bipolar tried to stay true to the look without any compromises. […]

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Posted On April 02, 2022

Lively Aura with Joyous Design Composition in this Play School Design | Nack Studios

Oxford Play school design has been one of our loved projects as it helped us become kids once again. Designing for the kids . Exploring form and shapes and color filled this project with joy. The trick then was to make sure that we don’t go overboard. We chose a pastel color palette and played […]

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Posted On January 11, 2022

Display of Wood Craft through Modern Techniques and Technologies in this Raipur Retail Design| I Designs

An expression of materiality and flexibility, the statement seating are symbolic of the brand, its product and its usability. With these iconic illustrations in a retail design space, a buyer tends to broaden the perspective, and also introduces to the modern day crafting techniques and technologies. These pieces challenge the notions of traditional choices and […]

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