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Posted On February 21, 2024

A 100 Feet Cantilevered Design Deck Workspace In The Mountains of Nilgiris | Studio Detail

Studio Detail Architects shaped a 100 feet cantilevered design deck workspace in the mountains of Nilgiris, fostering productivity with 180-degree panoramic views. Studio Detail Architects designed a one-of-a-kind workspace along...

Posted On January 24, 2024

Carving The Aesthetics of an Urban Dwelling | KASA 11 Architects

Working on the blank canvas is always an exhilarating experience. However, confining in accords to the existing is always a challenge. Carving the aesthetics of an urban dwelling resonating with...

Posted On January 13, 2024

Pastel color scheme plays a dominant part in this apartment design | Neev Design Studio

When a young couple decided to build their dream home for themselves and their two little daughters, they entrusted Neev Design Studio with the task. They knew that Neev had...

Posted On November 25, 2023

Warm Colour of Ginger Adorns this Head Office | Aakar Architects

Aakar Architects collaborate to create an office dedicated to the trade of ginger spice dipped in the soulful colour of ginger. The clients have their roots heading back to the...

  • Posted On August 23, 2023

    A House Fostering a Modern Atmosphere and Offering Ample Space | Meraki Design’s by Heer

    This meticulously crafted contemporary residence caters to the needs of a young couple and their children, skillfully blending minimalism and modern loft style with an air of sophistication and ease....

    Posted On May 03, 2023

    This Bungalow Design Is Embedded In A Plain Philosophy Of Design Approach | Meraki Designs By Heer

    This bungalow design is embedded in a plain philosophy of design approach. The residence for two is located on the outskirts of Surat with plenty of open space around the plot....

    Posted On April 18, 2023

    “Minimalist Comfort Home” – A Classic Apartment Design | Arham Architects

    Ad mist the immersive environment and bustling life, a home is a place to find peace and solace. Everyone needs a minimal yet classic place where they can slow down...

    Posted On September 29, 2022

    Into A Homely World Of Elegance And Warmth From The Hustle And Bustle Of City Life | Fx3designs

    ‘DWARAKA’ means gateway and just as the name suggests, we walk into a homely world of elegance and warmth from the hustle and bustle of city life. The client approached...

    Posted On August 24, 2022

    Experience Luxurious Healing at this Ayurveda Clinic in Ahmedabad | VH Design Studio

    An interior for an Ayurveda clinic is planned with very minute care for detailing and also with the philosophy to drench the patient with ethnic ambiance. Once he/she enters the...

    Posted On June 03, 2022

    Weaving Traditional Indian Context with Contemporary Art | Pinwheel Ventures

    Design is the way of life, especially if it’s your and your spouse’s passion and profession. We moved into the new home and decided to evolve its design as it...