Into A Homely World Of Elegance And Warmth From The Hustle And Bustle Of City Life | Fx3designs

‘DWARAKA’ means gateway and just as the name suggests, we walk into a homely world of elegance and warmth from the hustle and bustle of city life. The client approached our team to design their 3-bedroom apartment with a requirement of simple but warm design. Our main aim of the design was to make sure[Read More]

Experience Luxurious Healing at this Ayurveda Clinic in Ahmedabad | VH Design Studio

An interior for an Ayurveda clinic is planned with very minute care for detailing and also with the philosophy to drench the patient with ethnic ambiance. Once he/she enters the premise, this is done with the help of virtue of design, and basic material selection i.e old teak wood (salvage wood), brass, cement panels, etc.[Read More]

Weaving Traditional Indian Context with Contemporary Art | Pinwheel Ventures

Design is the way of life, especially if it’s your and your spouse’s passion and profession. We moved into the new home and decided to evolve its design as it needed to reflect both our personas. We had a simple brief in mind – the home should be sustainable, earthy, and reflect our travel. The[Read More]