1100sq.ft Projects

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Posted On January 17, 2023

Minimal And Modern Apartment Design With Classical Themed Elements | DESIGN STUDIO ASSOCIATES

The interior designs ‘for one, and all’ have a different set of challenges. Well, a sample house needs that kind of a concept that serves beyond a specific client brief...

Posted On September 22, 2022

A Combination Of Old Wood And Earthly Orange Creates Eco-Friendly Aesthetics | Prekshaa Design Studio

To enjoy good food, one must be at ease with their food. The environment of our dining can improve the sense of flavors perceived in humans. Club Sulaimani, located by the...

Posted On April 30, 2022

Blend Of Contemporary And Traditional Design Elements In This Residence | The Inspired Architecture

This 1100Sq.Ft. Ahmedabad-based traditional design apartment, being on the 7th floor, is owned by a family that had a simple yet intriguing brief – it was simple and sublime, with...

Posted On April 08, 2022

Organic Curves and Disciplined Geometry makes for this Mid Century Modern Home | TRE Design Studio

Clean lines and uncluttered monochromatic concepts immediately came to mind. I wanted to create a mid century modern home soothing and inviting space by keeping simple forms, timeless mouldings and...