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Posted On February 19, 2024

Luxurious Design At Meghana Foods Corporate Office | Atelier 108 & Studio Skapa Architects

The transformation of a bare canvas of columns, beams, floors, and walls into a lush and luxurious design at Meghana Foods corporate office in Koramangala is a testament to the...

Posted On December 08, 2023

A Pub in Bangalore that Merges Vintage and Tropical Styles | Maze Concept Design Studio

Spread across 2 storeys, this pub in Bangalore will surely shake a wave of nostalgia within you to experience the bygone days. Bangalore has a long history of nightlife with...

Posted On September 20, 2023

An Unconventional Design Where the Structure is Drawn-Out all Over the Plot Strategically | DP+Architects

Editor’s Note: Located in the dreamy and absolutely serene landscape of Alibaug, Shori Villa honors living with and around nature. With an equal amount of open and semi-open areas, the...

Posted On February 13, 2023

“Himadri”, A Nature Inspired Family Villa In Telangana | studio8055

According to the client’s brief, the villa was to be designed for a family of 4. Since the clients believe in nature, they wanted the design to be inspired by...

  • Posted On February 03, 2023

    The White Teak Cafe In Mysore Is An Off-beat Sight To It’s Contrasting Surroundings | D2d Architects

    Masked in the lanes of Gokulam road in Mysore. The White teak cafe in Mysore is an off-beat sight to its contrasting surroundings. Nestled within the lanes of a commercial...

    Posted On June 17, 2022

    Embracing Modern Architecture with Selectively Classic Design Elements | Prateek Sethi Design Associates 

    The house is a meeting exercise between sober modern architecture hereditary of the simple translucent In communion. On the other hand, the project identity is suggested by local materials that...

    Posted On May 25, 2022

    Vernacular Approach for Upscale Luxury | Design Kacheri

    Sunyata eco vernacular hotel is designed and built to demonstrate how a building in an urban scenario on an optimal site size can be a sustainable and eco-friendly structure. This...

    Posted On February 25, 2022

    Thought Provoking Spatial Configuration through Mindful Decisions | The Vrindavan Project

    A Thought Provoking Residential Design in Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir with contextual reference as protagonist in this rustic modern residence. Thought Provoking Spatial Configuration through Mindful Decisions | The Vrindavan...

    Posted On February 21, 2022

    Re-evaluating Education and Interaction with this Institution Design | Forumadvaita

    A gradual transition is seen in institutional buildings and institution design post pandemic and one such atypical perception is The New Public School. Every spatial division opening into a central...