Symphony Of Earthy Shades for this Residence in Ahmedabad | Studio Invoke

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Minimalistic designs, with earthy shades calming colours, clean lines and play of light describe this contemporary residence. This home is designed with earthy shades for a working couple with a growing child. They wanted their home to be a space where they declutter and experience peace, having a low-maintenance home with a muted colour palette. This residence is around 1900 sq. ft floor space with four bedrooms and one home theatre space along with the kitchen, living, and dining area. 

Symphony Of Earthy Shades for this Residence in Ahmedabad | Studio Invoke

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The play of the ceiling’s horizontal and the door’s vertical veneer panelled lines showcases the continuity of space and gives visitors a pause point. The entrance space gives a subtle and earthy introduction to the whole space and takes one to the living area. The entrance door is designed as a functional aesthetic where it also has the name plate incorporated in the design itself. The vertical lines of the metal grill establish the inside out connection.

Living, dining, theatre and kitchen are kept open without any physical partition to maintain the open space plan. It enhances the scale of the house. Frame by frame can be visualized from the entrance space. The living room area is kept a bit unconventional.

The sofa is facing the balcony area instead of facing back towards the balcony. So, once you open the sliding doors of the balcony, the living room space doubles up. The wall in the living area is kept blank as the natural light can have its constant play all around the time. The dining area continues from the living space and one can enjoy the view while having meals.

Kitchen is designed in a neutral palette, in shades of grey. One continuous acrylic border runs throughout from platform inbuilt machines to the breakfast counter. Clean lines in the kitchen give it a decluttered aesthetic. Pu paint finish and plain acrylic sheets have been used in the kitchen space with the breakfast counter.

Bedroom spaces act as the secluded part of the house as the two-bedroom cluster is accessed by a small passage and a compact vestibule area, the parents’ bedroom is along the passage. The bedroom for parents is kept very subtle and the furniture layout is done according to vastu where the bed should not face north. Lighter tones of grey are used and fewer details are added to the space to keep it minimal. 

The Master bedroom reflects minimalism with a hint of bohemian vibes. The colour plays of grey and white along with the wooden flooring and veneers add serenity to the space. The slight ray of light entering the room makes the design of the space more peaceful. Vertical tidy lines are used in staggering proportion in the foreground of light tones walls. The bathroom is done in a monolithic way using dark tile in the complete bathroom. Hanging light and glass wardrobes are added to give a more elegant feel to aesthetics.

The kids’ bedroom has a play blue, grey, and white colour palette. This room reflects playfulness. The display spaces are created in the room for the kid to highlight his skills. The study table is designed with a plain blue and white look with shelves above and a magnetic board. The world map is placed against the white walls. Experiencing a playful, joyous atmosphere in the space is created through colour and graphics. Grooving patterns are done in sync with the ideology used in the overall house. The attached Bathroom in the kids’ room reflects the same colour palette as the room space.

Home theatre is designed to keep the practicality of noise output, as the client did not want any partition between living and theatre. All the walls are covered with fabric panelling to achieve maximum sound output. This also reflects the overall language of the house through straight lines and colour palate.

One bedroom near the entrance space is kept as a multipurpose room, which reflects the more powerful feel of the dark-toned interior. Being a sports fan, one wall is dedicated to the Indian cricketers with multiple composed frames. This space was designed as the owner always wanted a room dedicated to his wish and thoughts, where he can have his own time.

Fact File

Designed by: Studio Invoke

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: Sunset House

Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Year Built: 2022

Duration of project: 8 Months

Project Size: 1900 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx: 55 Lac

Principal Architects: Ravi Dave & Anushi Shah

Team Design Credits: Hetal Mehta, Kartik Panchal, Brinda Parekh & Arth Patel

Photograph Courtesy: Murtaza Gandhi

Products & Materials: Lighting: Light Inside | Sanitary ware: Jaquar | Paint: Asian Paints

Firm’s Website Link: Studio Invoke

Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio Invoke

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