Swift Confluence of Contemporary Design and Tactile Textures | The Crossboundaries

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A show-flat is a showcase of a designer’s impeccable skills, on a blank canvas of immense potential.  Elements, spaces, and materials can be used in most thrilling and attractive ways, to showcase an aspirational lifestyle, sans constraints and conditions. The Crossboundaries studio has created an exciting contemporary design new show flat at Keystone 72, Vadodara – exhibiting the many ways in which the apartment can become a home.

Swift Confluence of Contemporary Design and Tactile Textures |  The Crossboundaries

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The entrance foyer is rendered in polished veneer, with a floating shoe rack and bench tucked away neatly. Hints of artwork across the home, beginning from the ‘floating facial expressions’ in the foyer bring life and lightness. Linear profile lighting too is a continued element throughout, stretching across the passage, through the living areas and towards the bedrooms.

The spacious 2600 sq.ft apartment with an elongated floor plan encompasses 4 bedrooms, an open- living and dining area and generous balconies on either side. Premium Italian marble flooring, expansive walls to display art and abundant natural light are the key ingredients available to the designer. Across the show-home, The Crossboundaries created glamorous and memorable spaces, in whites, beiges and soft pastels, for visitors to view and relate to.

The spacious family and living areas are awash with ample natural light through long window walls. The formal living and informal family dens essentially exemplify two ways of treating the large common space, using different colors, textures and seating options. In a backdrop of soft whites and creams, custom-designed interior elements and handpicked accent pieces find their limelight.

Taking the design idea of linearity and extended horizontality forward, the low partition to the open kitchen is underlined by a veneered edging.  An innovative take on partitions as well as planters, the trio of elegantly crafted elliptical screens beautifully complete the partition’s composition. The custom-made metal framed screens, in fluted glass and white PVC inserts offer not just visual privacy but also a stem vase for flowers. On the other side, the open-plan kitchen extends the sense of lightness and airiness through essential whites and a light peppermint tone.

Adjacently, the dining area is designed to become a flexible family space, with a clutter-free layout and exquisite finishes. The stunning black Nero Markina finished stone tabletop is the perfect backdrop to show off glamorous place settings. The wall behind the dining area is home to vibrant digital artwork, showing off the many ways art can be integrated into the apartment. Over the dining table, a row of hanging pendant lights suspended in brass chains gleam gently over matt surfaces.

Comfortable accent chairs and a woven jute rug from IKEA on the polished beige-grey Italian marble invite one to spend time at ease. Above the floating wooden credenza, a trio of elliptical brass frames each with a stem vase blur the lines between art and artifact. Minimal, recessed lighting washes the space in a uniform glow. Moreover, indoor plants, alive in their freshness, are peppered across the living area, creating picture-worthy frames!

Moving further, the four individual bed spaces are furnished with distinct materials and moods , showing different approaches of use, as per the occupant’s choices. The short passage also contains the powder toilet and an open library, decked with veneer paneling and thin profile lighting. The passage culminates in a signature touch by artists Abir & Ashish Chakroborty – an artwork featuring Buddha and repurposed heritage elements, a quiet invitation into the tranquility of the adjoining bedrooms.

One of the larger bedrooms is an exploration of textured concrete and cool hues. Echoing the contours of windy mountains, a quintet of handcasted artworks sets the tone for this room. The verticality of grooves on the bed back extend onto the ceiling’s horizontality – a subtle design feature executed with precision. A snazzy element – the profile light beam around the ceiling edge lends edginess and drama to the whole experience. Opposite the bed, a floating study unit is lit by a horizontal profile bar and recessed lighting overhead. Tucked away on the side, the wardrobe is an exploration of blackness, using tinted glass.

The guest bedroom is imbued with dramatic fluidity, as if windswept. Against the light tone of grey, a custom made artwork in fibre dominates the bed back wall. Like a frozen frame of billowing fabric, a windiness breezes through the room which is dressed in light pinks and soft greys. Apart from the comfortable bed, a plush chair and other hand picked elements showcase a chic look and feel.

The other bedroom with an attached balcony is treated in luxurious tones of wooden polishes and the soft pastels. A leather-finish bed back sits gracefully against a custom-crafted vista of parallel lines rising towards the ceiling. The grooves lend a sense of dynamism, while embedded LED lights evoke an abstract infinite cityscape stretching across. A flurry of sculptural wooden birds alight along the bed, as if taking flight towards the expansive windows.

Handpicked rattan elements The soft furnishings and other standalone furniture warmly complement the wooden flooring, an existing feature of the show flat. An ensemble wood textured wardrobe too complements the veneered wooden false ceiling, rendering a luxurious warmth to the room. 

The third bedroom is a display of alternate ways of storage, through the recurring motifs of checkered patterns. The black bed back sits well with the gingham patterns carried forward across the room. Glass shutters on the wardrobe with wooden mullions add transparency and lightness. Open storage and display shelves in white complement the bed headboard, essentially a grey panel of grooves in a grid.

With all these diverse elements, the Keystone 72 show flat not only illustrates a sophisticated and aspirational lifestyle, but also ways of using the best design ideas to create a home.

Fact File

Designed by: The Crossboundaries

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: Show Flat for Keystone 72

Project Size: 2600 Sq.ft

Client Name: Vihav Group

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Principal Architect: Harsh Boghani

Team Design Credit: Forum Jariwala, Rishabh Prajapati, Vijay Dabhi, Neel Patel, Akshat Barve, Aditya Vijay & Shailesh Boghani

Text Credit: Niharika Joshi

Photograph Courtesy: Ashish Chakroborty

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